Forget The Kids, The Rich Parents Of Instagram Are Even More Ridiculous


First, we had those rich dickhead kids flaunting pics of their lavish lifestyle on Instagram and now it seems their parents want a cut of the attention. 

Fancy cars, private jets, and stacks of cash, you name it, the top one percent have it all and now they even have their own social-media account, the ‘Rich Parents of Instagram’ which documents it all. What a time to be alive!

Love them or hate them (probably hate them) it does, however, give a fascinating insight into how the wealthiest live out their lives.

The gag-inducing account is essentially dedicated to parents showing off their cash-fuelled exploits and has already amassed almost 9,000 followers.

These super-rich bellends are being encouraged to send in their Instagram and Snapchat pics via email or Instagram.

Here is a selection of some of their most over the top snapshots:

Love it when peasants admire my car #richparentsofinstagram #richparents #rich #wealthy #richkids #rkoi #london

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So glad they’ve taken the time out of their ‘busy’ lives to be absolute cunts to people less fortunate than themselves.