Richard Madeley Clashes With Charles Bronson’s Fiancée In Awkward Interview

by : Julia Banim on : 29 Aug 2017 16:17
Good Morning Britain/ITV

Richard Madeley has clashed with former Corrie actress Paula Williamson over her relationship with notoriously violent criminal, Charles Bronson.


64-year-old jailbird Charles has spent most of his adult life behind bars, having committed a string of grave offences including armed robbery, wounding with intent, false imprisonment and threatening to kill.

Twitter, as you can imagine, became the source for much discussion about Charles’ love-life:


The unlikely couple are engaged to be married, with Paula revealing her hopes to start a family.

As Charles is still serving time on his latest sentence and is denied conjugal visits, they would have to use IVF.

The 37-year-old former soap star appeared on Good Morning Britain to explain her controversial decision and received a thorough grilling from straight-talking Richard.

You can watch part of the heated altercation below:

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Richard wasted no time getting to the point, asking Paula:

What are you doing? What are you playing at?


Undeterred, Paula gave the following romantically inclined answer:

What I am doing is I’ve fallen in love with a man. I have. Why is that so hard to believe?

Despite Paula’s declarations of adoration for the man who once threatened to eat a fellow inmate, many viewers appear to share Richard’s incredulous attitude:

Richard continued to press Paula to discover her motivations for wanting such an unconventional, and potentially dangerous, relationship:

What attracted you to the serial criminal Charles Bronson?

Paula defended her man with the following answer:

He’s been a violent criminal and he’s the first one to hold his hands up to that, and I don’t want this to be a rewash of what I’ve said in the past lots of times.

He is an artist, he does a lot for charity, he’s a fitness fanatic, he’s a very, very loving person.


According to the Mirror, a recent prison letter shows Charles is genuinely excited at the thought of bringing a new life into the world, writing:

I want a little baby. I’ve always fancied a daughter and I’ll be the best dad in the world.

I’ve even got my girl’s name, Sophie, the angel of all angels. My life will be a dream come true.


Will starting a new family be the making of Charles, or is Paula better off taking Richard’s blunt advice and using a sperm bank instead?

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    'I want a baby and I'll be best dad in the world': Violent criminal Charles Bronson demands child from behind bars