Ridiculous Amount Of Drivers Have ‘Pet Names’ For Their Cars


A study has revealed one in eight male drivers have a pet name for their car with ‘Scarlett O’Cara’, ‘Ford Fiasco’ and ‘Matt CAR-dle’ among some of the most bizarre.

The research revealed that around one in five men have given their car a name and of those who did two in five chose a female name with only 30 per cent thinking their car deserved a more masculine moniker.

Seventeen per cent of people chose a nonsensical word or phrase for their car which is neither male or female.


These names were often the best with standouts including ‘Falcor’, ‘The Phantom Flyer’, ‘The Beast’, ‘The Purple People-Eater’, ‘Sexy Bob the Fourth’ and, my personal favourite, ‘Super-Charged Fire Pony’.

James Buttrick from Vantage Leasing, which commissioned the study, said:

There has always been an unspoken bond between boys and their toys, and a man’s car is often considered a reflection of their own personality.

It’s unsurprising to see the strength of this fondness for our vehicles coming through in the results – though we’re not sure we’d like to take a ride in something called ‘The Purple People-Eater’.


The study also looked at the relationship between British men and their cars discovering one in five males in relationships enjoyed the time they spend in their car more than the time spent with their other half.

Twelve per cent suspect their partner is jealous of the attention the car gets and one in seven male drivers have used washing the car or taking it out for a drive as an excuse to avoid spending time with their loved ones.

These results say more about the state of these guys’ relationships than their love of cars though!


When it comes to shopping for a new car, 22 per cent of men admit they buy one that has the most compatible personality with their own.

Almost a third of men think their car has a certain charisma that drew them in to make the purchase with 13 per cent confessing they have tried to imagine what their car would look like if it were to take human form.

Twenty-two per cent of those surveyed would describe their car’s personality as ‘playful’ with one in ten even going as far to say their car is characteristically ‘sexy’.


Here are the top unusual names given to cars by male drivers:

Big Barry
Bob the Bobster
Ford Fiasco
Matt Car-dle
Phantom Flyer
Pimp Mobile
Purple People-Eater
Scarlett O’Cara
Sexy Bob the 4th
Super-Charged Fire Pony
The Beast
The Bongo Dog Doodah Van
The Compost Heap
The Red Vole