Road Rage Driver Gets Instant Karma After Swerving Across Highway

Road Rage failViralHog

Another day, another case of road rage antics.

This time we’re taken to the good old US of A where on-road shenanigans are about as frequent as President Donald Trump’s activity on Twitter.

The incident took place on  a freeway (or a ‘motorway’ in the Queen’s English), and it could have caused a huge accident in the process.

A simple case of ‘When Road Rage Goes Wrong’:

Luckily it didn’t. So instead of writing a grim obituary I can point and say ‘Look! Look at this reckless driver! What a tool!’ Now you may be thinking ‘That’s a bit harsh, go easy on the fella’. Nope, this driver was clearly the architect of his own downfall, so he gets no sympathy from me.

The incident occurred on July 21, 2014, on the I-25 northbound in Denver, Colorado, where motorist Ronald Olds witnessed a green truck driver have a bout of road rage, which completely backfired.

While it’s unknown what sparked the the conflict, it seems the driver in the green pick up truck wanted to get one back on the driver in the silver car.

Road rage failViralHog

As the green pick up truck came up in front of Olds’ car and got nearer to the silver car, the driver attempted to swerve into it. I can only assume this person played too much Grand Theft Auto because no motorist in their right mind would attempt such a move which could endanger lives.

I don’t want to say video games make you violent, that’s a narrative I refuse to be part of. But I will say playing too much video games will make you do questionable things.

Maybe the driver doesn’t play video games at all. Maybe he was inspired by World’s Deadliest Police Chases, my mum always said too much TV will rot your brain. Who knows why this man did what he did? It’s done now and karma came back to bite him in the arse instantaneously.

The attempt backfired and the driver lost control and swerved across the freeway, almost hitting another car in the process before slamming hard into a stone barrier. I bet the driver instantly regretted his actions.

road rage failViralHog

Damn, imagine having to explain the damages to your insurance company. I’m not sure they cover botched attempts at revenge. I don’t even think it covers successful acts of revenge. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only thing you’d get is a suspended license, a fine and community service. Or jail time.

But these are ifs and buts, aren’t they? What we’re dealing with here is a fail of epic proportions.

So what did we learn today kids? We learnt that if someone pisses you off on the road the best thing to do is just let it go. If you can’t, just pull over at a rest stop or at the next exit and just breathe. Clear your mind.

You’ll soon realise you were angry at nothing.

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