Road Worker Has Lucky Escape As Industrial Saw Flies Inches From Head

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Road Worker Has Lucky Escape As Saw Flies Inches From HeadNewsflash

Alarming footage shows the exact moment a road worker dodged death by the skin of his teeth after an industrial saw flew mere inches from his head.

The incident in question occurred after a car pile-up close to the village of Varoslod in Veszprem county in western Hungary. The collision caused the saw to zoom through the air, narrowly missing the unnamed worker who had been mowing vegetation on the side of the road.


In a startling video taken at the scene, the worker can be seen standing in front of a Peugeot while stopping traffic flow in one direction. All of a sudden, a minivan crashes into the back of the vehicle.

You can watch the footage for yourself below:


The van which hit the back of the Peugeot was left completely destroyed, and the industrial saw it had been transporting was sent hurtling through the air, skimming past the worker’s head by just a few inches.


Thankfully, the extremely lucky worker was able to jump out of the path of the airborne saw; avoiding what could easily have been a horrific – and even fatal – accident.

Magyar Közút, the firm that had been carrying out the works, have since issued a press release stating the worker had missed being struck by the saw ‘by pure luck’, and that he fortunately ‘suffered only minor injuries’.

There have been no other reported injuries related to this incident, however Magyar Közút have asked motorists to ‘drive more carefully than usual’ around worksites, with 17 employees reported to have died since 2000 because of ‘careless or irregular traffic’.

Industrial SawNewsflash

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As per the press release:

Magyar Közút Manages about 32,000 kilometers of roads nationwide, which also includes nearly 526 million square meters of green space.

In the area corresponding to 64,000 football fields, especially in the spring, the company’s engineering specialists carry out manual and machine mowing work with greater force.

The company therefore calls on road users to drive more carefully and cautiously than usual, to pay attention to forecasts and restrictions, and to keep a safe distance from mowing professionals and machinery.

Industrial SawNewsflash

In 2018, Magyar Közút launched a nationwide awareness-raising campaign called ‘Our safety is in your hands!’ in a bid to reduce road accidents and to protect employees.


According to the campaign:

These people are not roadblocks, but dedicated professionals who work in a dangerous place and depend largely on commuters to return home unharmed.

Fortunately, this recent accident did not result in tragedy. Hopefully drivers who watch this footage will now take extra care while out on the road.

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