Rob Kardashian And Donald Trump Just Basically Tweeted The Same Thing


Rob Kardashian and President Donald Trump might seem like two American men, worlds apart.

While they actually have an astounding amount of similarities – their wealth, status in society, nepotistic tendencies, reality TV careers and their craving for media attention, to name but a few – it’s their latest social media offerings that have people drawing the bizarre comparison.

Amid the breakdown of relationships both political and familial, Rob and Donald tweeted these hilariously similar sentiments yesterday:

In LA, Kardashian is currently embroiled in an ugly family affair, having outed his ex-wife Blac Chyna for allegedly cheating, and choosing to solve the problem with a spot of revenge porn on Instagram and Twitter.

Meanwhile, as diplomatic relations reach an all-time low in the Kardashian Klan, on the other side of the country, from the Oval Office, The Donald has expressed displeasure with the loyalties of an entirely different kind of China; the country, no less.

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Politics and gossip are bizarrely popular bedfellows nowadays, and these two tweets do actually have a lot in common, beyond the two C-words.

Donald has accused China of reneging on the agreement to help quash North Korea’s nuclear programme through limiting trade between the East Asian powers.

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Rob has accused Chyna of reneging on her vow of loyalty and fidelity – by sleeping with other men – and flaunting the $250,000 jewellery Rob misguidedly traded for her love.

Both men have been controversial across social media, and this latest ugly showdown has caused Rob’s Instagram account to be blocked.

You can watch Chyna taunting Rob below, if you can bear the hideousness of it all:

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The similarities continue: The allegations made by both men are largely unqualified.

We don’t exactly know what goes on behind Chyna’s closed doors – so prone to publicity stunts as the on-again off-again couple are – and China’s trading statistics are notoriously clouded by political ulterior motives, reports NBC and The Washington Post.

The parallels have been too much to handle for some Twitter users, who have joked the coincidence is too much to ignore:

All we can hope for now is that the two incidents are totally unrelated, and that diplomatic relations across the board come to a peaceful solution.

Preferably away from social media.