‘Robin Hood Of Cannabis’ Is Giving Out 3,000 Free Weed Parcels

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'Robin Hood Of Cannabis' Is Giving Out 3,000 Free Weed Parcelsoutlaw.ltd/Instagram/PA Images

A man branded as a modern day Robin Hood has been handing out free cannabis after making a name for himself a year ago.

On April 20 of 2020, masked activist Outlaw was named heroic after he drove around the city of Manchester giving out free weed to people, as well as toilet roll and hand sanitiser, just as the first lockdown hit.


Now, a year on, it’s been revealed he has been inundated with requests from followers for a special package this 20/4, and it seems he’s managed to help a lot of people in need.

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It begin a year ago to the day when Outlaw handed out one gram bags of weed to 420 of his social media followers, which caught the attention of a lot of people, leading to tens of thousands of requests this time around, Vice reports.

For obvious reasons, he was unable to fulfil that sort of demand but says he has made almost 3,000 people happier for this year’s 4/20.


His intent is to address the UK’s approach to cannabis, which is still labelled a class B drug despite downgrading to C and jumping back up. Outlaw also says he’s been creating a document, with the help of ‘barristers and solicitors, plus advisers’, to present a legal argument for the decriminalisation of the drug.

Only yesterday, on April 19, it was reported 75% of the world’s medicinal weed was grown here in the UK, but due to tight regulations Brits had found the supply almost impossible to access.

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In an interview, Outlaw revealed his plans for today, and the enormous response: ‘I’ve been sending out my packs again – done nearly 3,000. It was about 2,800-ish,’ he told Vice. ‘They’ll be landing on 4/20 for most people. We had 28,000 requests this time. It’s a pretty big one, all over the world.’

Speaking about the logistics of distributing the gifts, he clarified the hours he puts into it all: ‘About three days, four hours a day. The random generator selects the people [from the list of applicants], then I print off the labels, put them on the envelopes. The main cost is the envelopes and the postage.’

He also issued a cheeky nod regarding what not to do with the seeds in the package: ‘So, I’m going to bag them all up, people can pay me for the postage,’ Outlaw said. ‘I’ll send them out with instructions explaining that I don’t want people to plant them in the local police station garden or council flowerpots, and see what comes back.’

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Also in the process of being set up in the past 12 months is the OUTLAW Prosecution Service, which intends to share videos of unlawful police behaviour, and in which his solicitor offers no win, no fee representation. ‘Even if they lose, they’ll pay the legal fees from the other side, so there’s literally no cost to the other person,’ he clarified. ‘A guy got £17,000 compensation.’

But what’s his message on 420? Simply: ‘Overgrow the government.’

‘We are accepting nothing, disputing everything. It’s only a plant, you know. Get some seed souvenirs in, and… don’t plant them at police stations and council flowerpots,’ Outlaw said.


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