Roofers See Homeless Man, Immediately Offer Him A Job

by : Julia Banim on : 19 Aug 2017 15:30
JayJay Murray/Facebook

A group of kind hearted roofers helped out a homeless man with the chance for a day’s paid work.


JayJay Murray and his colleagues from Empire UPVC & Roofing Specialists, first spotted John sleeping rough on a park bench, close to where they were working near London.

The friendly team brought him a morning cuppa and asked if he would like to work with them the next day. According to JayJay, John was a hard worker, appearing early doors on site and showing a noticeably strong desire to work solidly throughout the day.

In an inspiring Facebook status, JayJay describes how he had ‘never seen anyone so happy to be at work!’


The roofers bought John a Burger King meal for lunch, and his hard work and dedication clearly paid off. The workers were impressed with his good attitude and had a whip round for their new friend, managing to club together £70 for him.

More clearly needs to be done to change the view of homeless people being lazy and workshy, as shown in Professor Green’s BBC Documentary, Hidden and Homeless :

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JayJay described his experiences with John as a ‘real eye opener’ and noted ‘nobody willing to work should be living on the streets’.

Clearly, John also got a lot out of the experience, offering the following heartfelt goodbye at the end of his shift:

Thanks brothers its the most love I’ve ever had.

It’s acts of compassion such as these which really do have the capacity to change lives. Hopefully there will be more people willing to offer friendship towards John in the future.

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