Russian Woman Shocked To Be Told By Doctors She Had Been Dead Since 2017

by : Cameron Frew on : 19 Mar 2020 16:57
Russian Woman Shocked To Be Told By Doctors She Had Been Dead Since 2017 Russian Woman Shocked To Be Told By Doctors She Had Been Dead Since 2017 Newsflash

Have you ever tried to book a doctor’s appointment, only to find out you’re dead?

It’s the oxymoron nightmares are made of. How can a dead person ever manage to contact anyone, never mind try and make an appointment with their GP? How does one come to terms with the fact they’re actually officially deceased?


Well, Alina Vysniauskaite was recently faced with this very predicament. However, it wasn’t just some bizarre blip – she’d been listed as dead since 2017.

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The young woman, from the city of Kaliningrad in the Kaliningrad Oblast in north-western Russia, wrote on her now-deleted Instagram account that the Twilight Zone-esque ordeal began when she tried to make an appointment with a local doctor.

Vysniauskaite explained she’d been using an online website to make the appointment, however she was quickly taken aback when the system showed her the following message: ‘The service is unavailable post mortem.’

Russian Woman Told She's Dead Alina Vishnyauskaite Russian Woman Told She's Dead Alina Vishnyauskaite Newsflash

Naturally, this revelation came as quite the surprise to the 100% alive and well Russian. She took it upon herself to visit the clinic in person, and was told she had been listed as deceased for the past three years, the period of time since her last visit.

This is where it starts to get really strange. Her medical card outlined her passing via liver cirrhosis in 2017, and a year prior to that, she’d allegedly suffered from alcoholic hepatitis.

However, between the years of 2017 and the present day, Vysniauskaite had actually been a regular patient of a prenatal department – part of the very same clinic in which she had given birth.

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Along with the diagnoses, her medical card was also filled with a variation of strange notes, including supposed visits to doctors in different cities, hospitalisations she had never endured, as well as having received unspecified disability status.

I know what you’re thinking – this is a mix-up with another Alina Vysniauskaite. Ah, would that it were so simple. She hadn’t lost any of her identification documents and reports say there is, in fact, not a single other person in the entire Russian Federation that has the same name.

Russian Woman Told She's Dead Alina VishnyauskaiteRussian Woman Told She's Dead Alina VishnyauskaiteNewsflash

Shortly after sharing the information online, Vysniauskaite deleted her social media accounts and is yet to comment further on the incident. However, she has plans to report the incident to the local prosecution office to find out who has been potentially using her name.

It really does bring a whole new meaning to ‘feeling like death’.

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