Ryan Reynolds Jokes How Many Times He And Blake Lively Have Had Sex

by : Emily Brown on : 05 Dec 2018 16:22

Ryan Reynolds shared detailed information about his personal life with the world (again) as he joked about the amount of times he and wife Blake Lively have had sex. 


I think I’ve officially lost count of how many times Reynolds’ love life has been the focus of one of his jokes, but it’s okay because they never fail to be hilarious.

We’ve heard the story of his wife’s labour, seen his response to Lively posing with a naked man, and lived his pain as he was brutally unfollowed on Instagram by his other half, but fans just got an even deeper insight into the couple’s lives.

The Deadpool star volunteered the information about his and Lively’s bedroom rendezvous with very little prompting when he appeared on The Ellen Show to talk about his upcoming child-friendly movie Once Upon A Deadpool.  

Take a look at the interview here:


As you can see in the video, Ellen didn’t appear to be prying into her guests’ sex life in the slightest, but Reynolds was obviously proud of knowing all the facts about the birds and the bees and wanted to make his understanding clear to the world.

As the pair spoke about Reynolds and Lively’s two children, the show’s host asked how old their youngest daughter Inez was.

Straight off the bat the actor responded with a fact about how Inez came into existence, responding to Ellen’s question with ‘that happened from sex… just, FYI’.

Though I’m sure everyone had already figured that out for themselves, it wouldn’t be an interview with Reynolds without some of his blunt humour.

Ryan Reynolds lied about watching the kids to Blake Lively.Ryan Reynolds lied about watching the kids to Blake Lively.Getty

Ellen eventually got her answer as her guest revealed his daughter has just turned two, but by that point the topic of Lively and Reynolds’ sex life was already on the table, and Ellen wouldn’t be a very good show host if she didn’t delve further down that avenue, now would she?

Taking into account the biological necessities behind the couple’s two children, Ellen asked:


So, you’ve only had sex the twice?

Despite being married for over six years, Ryan confirmed the hosts’ theory, responding:

Just the two times, yeah.

Yep, it’s a mercenary job so y’know. It’s just clinical.

Though he was (at least, we assume) spinning the truth for the sake of humour, on the off chance the pair really have only had sex twice the fact they’d have managed to successfully conceive children both times would be something to be proud of in itself.

Congrats on the strong swimmers, Reynolds.

The 42-year-old then expressed his hopes he might be getting lucky again in the near future, continuing:

Hoping for a third [child] soon!

They say you need to do ten thousand hours of anything you want to be an expert at, so…

I wonder if it ever gets tiring for Lively to have details of her personal life shared with the world? Then again, it’s not like she doesn’t get her own back.



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