Ryan Reynolds Trolls Blake Lively Over ‘Cheating On Him’

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The king of social media is back with his brilliant banter as Ryan Reynolds has once again hilariously trolled Blake Lively. 

I don’t think there’s a couple out there who make as many jokes about their relationship as Ryan and Blake. As much as you might think you and your other half are the ultimate couple goal, you’re wrong, they are.

The pair often make digs towards each other on Twitter and Instagram by cutting each other out of photos, joking about having affairs, and sharing intimate birth stories to help promote movies, and each instalment in the saga seems to be funnier than the last.

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The Deadpool star’s latest joke didn’t actually mention wife Blake, but rather relies on the audience to realise exactly how she’s involved.

Ryan trolled Blake by responding to a news story on Twitter, where he obviously spotted something interesting about the woman the article was about.

The story focused on a woman who can feel the presence of ghosts and has in fact had sex with 20 of them, before she fell in love with a spirit and got engaged to it.

Yeah, you read that right. She’s keen to have the ghost’s children too.

The news tweet included a picture of the woman, Amethyst Realm, who just so happens to look a little bit like A Simple Favor star Blake.

Woman wants to marry ghost boyfriendITV

Of course, Ryan being Ryan, he couldn’t possibly pass this golden opportunity up. He replied to the tweet, jokingly implying the article was actually about his wife whose ghostly sexual past he’d unfortunately been completely unaware of.

The actor responded:

THIS is how I find out?

I mean, Ryan’s character in Deadpool would probably have died many times if he could, so he might still fit the bill for her preference of ghostly partners?

It’s all well and good when the actor makes a joke about his partner cheating on him with a ghost, but for some poor (living) soul out there, that’s actually the true story.

Amethyst was previously engaged to a human man, but the draw of the spirits was too enticing and she ended up cheating on him with a ghost.

Having a suspicion she might be in the midst of an affair, Amethyst’s fiancé came home to find her on the bed in lingerie, with no other explanation other than she’d actually been having sex with a spirit.

I’m sure the poor guy wished it really was all a joke at that point. Hopefully Ryan’s tweet will help him see the lighter side of his unfortunate ordeal.

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Blake hasn’t responded to her husband’s excellent dig yet – but I suppose that means she hasn’t technically denied cheating either. I imagine it’s pretty hard to prove when the third party isn’t physically visible.

I’m sure she’ll keep up the back-and-forth which makes them absolute couple goals and get back at Ryan withan effort of her own before too long.


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