Same Creme Egg Has Been In Woman’s Family Since 1973

1973 Creme EggSWNS

The same Cadbury’s Creme Egg has been in a woman’s family since 1973. 

I can’t speak for everyone, but if someone described something with as ‘being in the family for decades’, I’d probably think of quite a grand object – like an antique painting or delicate statue, or jewellery or an intricate pocket watch.

Basically all the things you often see on Antiques Roadshow when their owners decide they don’t want it cluttering up their house any more.

Creme egg in the family for decadesSWNS

But if the Peters family were to use that phrase, chances are they’d be describing their little chocolate egg.

The Cadbury’s treat was first given to Jean Peters by her husband Dan Clark on their first date in 1973, but rather than indulge in the chocolatey goodness, Jean decided to hang on to her gift.

She was in her 50s at the time and recently widowed, but Jean and Dan quickly fell in love and married the following year.

The chocolate egg never left its foil wrapping, so when Jean passed away in 2010, it was passed down through the generations of her family.

48-year-old granddaughter Ainslie Peters, insisted the egg was the only possession of her grandmother’s she wished to have – despite the fact she didn’t even like Creme Eggs.

Recalling memories of Jean, Ainslie said:

The egg is just something I remember from all of my childhood visits to see my gran in Glasgow, she kept it in a glass cabinet with her ornaments.

Me and my three sisters did ask her about it but she would just laugh it off. Eventually she told us the story, that Dan had given it to her on their first date.

Gran stayed in their flat in Kilbirnie right up until she moved to sheltered housing in 2001 – the Creme Egg went with her.

My gran died in 2010 and it was the only thing I asked if I could have. I’ve never peeled the foil back and I wouldn’t disturb it.

Ainslie now keeps the egg in a glass display case of her own in her home in Kirkcaldy.

She continued:

I’m quite a sentimental person. I keep stuff just because someone has given it to me. My dad’s father passed away the year I was born, leaving my gran a widow. Dan had also been married before and I think his first wife died too.

To find love again a couple of years after her husband died must have meant a lot for my gran.

After this Easter, the vintage egg will mark 46 years since Jean and Dan’s first date.

What a lovely keepsake!

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