‘Saw’ Escape Room In Paris Is Terrifying Visitors

Saw Game OverLeavin Room/YouTube

There’s a Saw-themed escape room in Paris, and, not surprisingly, it’s terrifying everyone who steps inside.

If you’ve seen any of the Saw films, I think you’ll agree you’d never want to be in the situation of those poor people – the unfortunate souls who get terrorised by the horrifying Jigsaw. Do I need to remind you of the one guy who had to saw off his own foot?

So you’d think we’d like to stay as far away from that world as possible – just watching the movies themselves is a stretch.

But no, apparently a 2D version of the terror isn’t enough. There’s a Saw-themed escape room in Paris, and it’s terrifying visitors – I wonder why?

If you’re unfamiliar with the premise of an escape room, essentially you and some friends are locked in a room for a certain amount of time, and you have to find clues which’ll allow you to make your escape.

The Saw movies follow a similar premise, but unfortunately most of Jigsaw’s players either die or lose limbs in the process!

Don’t worry, I don’t think Paris’ version is so extreme, although their description of one of the rooms doesn’t give me much confidence:

Your favourite serial killer returns with an even more machiavellian final opus. More than ever you will survive this adventure only by working as a team. The slightest mistake during these 60 minutes will be … your last one.

The video shows some pretty distressed looking people. One appears to have a bucket stuck on his head, relating to the storyline of one Saw movie, and there’s also a very creepy pig mask involved. So why not volunteer to get locked in there for an hour?

Judging by photos of the room, the makers have decided to mimic the Saw sets and spine-tingling atmosphere as closely as possible.

The escape room company, Leavin Room, have also issued some pretty serious warnings, which are enough to make people nervous:

This adventure is exclusively for players aged 15 and over (some parts of the adventure may shock sensitive people).

This world with particular passages, it is completely disadvised to claustrophobic persons, epileptic or those experiencing difficulties of temporary or prolonged movements .

So we can guess you might be stuck in some small spaces, maybe crawling through some tunnels and experiencing some flashing lights?

One person on TripAdvisor called the Saw: Game Over escape room ‘one of the scariest escape rooms’:

Although we had done 5 escape rooms previous to this, we couldnt escape! We later found out theres a 10% success rate, so we didnt feel too bad.

The staff were friendly. And they even gave us jumpsuits to get in character.

You can take on this challenge for €25 with up to 4 friends at LeavinRoom in Paris, if you’re brave enough to do so. If you are, I salute you.

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