Scaffolder Responds Perfectly To ‘Posh Artist’ Who Claimed He Must Have One GCSE

by : Julia Banim on : 03 Sep 2017 18:26

A ‘posh artist’ has sparked outrage after posting an Instagram pic of a group of scaffolders with the caption, ‘These guys look like they got 1 GCSE’.  


25-year-old Hetty Douglas snapped the picture without the men’s knowledge or permission, as they ordered food at a London based McDonald’s. She then shared the image with her 15,000 followers.

People have since accused the Peckham based painter of behaving snobbishly, describing her as a ‘rich kid’ with a ‘faux edgy persona’.


Now one of the workers she publicly insulted has spoken out, and has asked Hetty to apologise.

Speaking with The Sun, 40-year-old Warren Butt has said the artist had ‘no right’ to pass judgement on him and his colleagues:

It’s not very nice. It’s made us look like a load of idiots when we are just trying to crack on and do some work.
I would like an apology. I do not think it’s right she can take a picture of us without us knowing and say that. I’m just working – just earning a living for me and my son.
What gives her the right to look at me or us in that way.
She’s no better than me because she can draw.

GKR Scaffolding has also released a statement on Twitter in defence of their ‘highly skilled’ employees:

Her [Hetty] comments reflect a dying perception about qualifications and skills, demonstrated by the supportive comments on social media.
Within the construction industry, we have for decades hired based on skills, abilities and attitude.
Scaffolding operatives are highly trained in technical capabilities and have to be able to work safely at height in the highest risk environments. It’s not a job everyone can do.


In a poetic turn, it has since appeared that Hetty’s dad, Maurice, is a builder. Maurice reportedly believes his daughter’s Instagram post has been taken out of context.

He told the Daily Mail:

She would be very angry with me if I was to speak to you.
I’d love to defend my daughter but the less anyone says the sooner it will hopefully all blow over.

Hetty has since deleted her Instagram account after her original post caused an angry backlash.

‘Posh artist’-gate looks set to continue.

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