Scarf That Makes People Look Like Giant Sock Goes On Sale


There is an incredible ‘scarf’ being sold online – and by ‘incredible’ I mean it makes the wearer look like one gigantic sock.

Which is great, if that’s the look you’re going for. Yes, fashion can be pretty quirky at times and I enjoy that, but even this is a bit much for me.

Bulgarian designer label Dukyana is behind the chunky mohair tube scarves – which could easily be a dress of some sort – and does not really resemble a scarf in any way.


Dukyana is selling the fetching scarves online on its website, as well as on Etsy and eBay for £210 ($280).

But so far buyers appear to be less than taken by the armless design, which many say looks more like a giant sock and complaining it makes the wearer look ‘shapeless’ and creates ‘unnecessary wrinkles in places where nobody would want them’, apparently.

According to critics, the design makes it ‘completely unsuitable’ for the long walks it is supposedly designed for.


The label assures wearers it is a fashion statement, which does not stretch and sits tight on a woman’s body.

But online commentators are less than convinced, including ‘alto-lady’ who said: ‘This is a knitted straitjacket… for the winter.’

‘Binokl’ pointed out: ‘You can’t even pee in this one’, while ‘Oksana-Ksenia’ added: ‘This is some kind of bullsh*t.’

Ouch guys! This company is trying to make an honest living here.


Social media users have been making fun of the design by posting photos of their own winter fashion statements, including a cable-knitted onesie for men.

And some funny young fashionistas mocked the design by posting a photograph of themselves wrapped in floor rugs fastened with gaffer tape.


The company’s website says:

We are a small company in Eastern Europe that has been creating hand knitted items for more than 20 years.

It all started somewhere in the nineties with a small yarns shop in town. Enthusiasts gathered and we decided to start offering hand crafted items.

Years passed. We gained popularity, experience and confidence and started offering our products online – firstly on eBay, later on Etsy as well. Plenty of happy customers all over the world made us think we are ready to launch our own online shop… so here we are.

No such thing as bad publicity, as they say.