Scooter Rider Stops Traffic To Help Frail Woman Cross Busy Road

ScooteristHezhou Police

Here’s something pretty cool; a scooterist in China has become somewhat of a public hero after helping an elderly woman cross one of the widest roads going. 

The good samaritan stopped his scooter in front of passing cars, making them to stop, upon seeing the frail lady stuck for options among the traffic.

He then watched the pedestrian walk to the other side of the four-lane thoroughfare using her walking stick before jetting off into a heroic obscurity. Legend.

The incident took place last Friday in Hezhou, in south China’s Guangxi Province.

CCTV footage of the incident has since gone viral after being shared by Chinese media when Hezhou Police posted the video on its Weibo account.

There are a set of traffic lights in the section of the road where the pensioner was trying to cross.

It’s believed when she started crossing the road, the green light was on, but because she was unable to cross before the signal changed, leaving her isolated in the middle of the road.

Although a few of the oncoming cars stopped for the woman, others on the outer lane carried on driving by, leaving her dangerously trapped.

After coming across her, the scooterist overtook two lanes of cars from the outside before stopping in front of a black car, forcing the cars to be stationary. He then gestured to a driver in a black car, telling them to let the pensioner cross the road.

The Hezhou Police lauded the unnamed scooterist on its social media account, praising his efforts to help others in such a selfless manner.

The CCTV footage was later shared by China’s People’s Daily Online via Weibo where the post has notched up over 30,000 comments since yesterday, (September 24) at the time of writing.

The majority of Weibo web users reacted positively to the story.

One commenter said:

Is so heart-warming. Some people’s behaviour can warm up an entire city.

Another said:

Spreading positive energy.

Still, some commentators pointed out the scooterist had not obeyed traffic rules. They questioned why he hadn’t worn a safety helmet. They also said he shouldn’t have swerved into a lane of traffic at will, let alone ridden in the opposite direction.

Hezhou Police are yet to respond to the criticism towards the scooterist.

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