Scorching 21C Heatwave To Hit The UK Next Week

by : UNILAD on : 04 Apr 2018 15:26

It feels like winter in the UK has been one of the longest we’ve seen for a long time, and it just keeps going.

Every time we look at the sky and feel like spring might be trying to arrive, we get hit with the Beast from the East or whatever the other ones were called.


But now, we could finally be in the running for a bit of good weather next week, a heatwave in fact, with highs of 21C, coming from Spain.

That’s right, whip out your best sunbathing shorts and sunglasses, because we’re finally getting some blue skies.

Despite some colder mornings this week, the Met Office has said temperatures are due to jump up from the end of this week, and Friday could be the warmest day so far this year.


According to the Daily Express, meterologist Sarah Kent said:

We will see temperatures in double figures in London and the southeast with high single figures expected further north.

Friday will see an east-west split bring breezier cloudier conditions to the west although it will be much milder in the southerly airflow.

Eastern parts of the country will see the best of the weather and there will be some sunshine, it could be the warmest day of the year with 17C or 18C possible in parts of the south with even Glasgow getting into double figures.

But Exacta forcaster James Madden is even more optimistic with his predictions for the week, and reckons we could be seeing temperatures hitting over 20C from next week.


The Met Office has given longer term predictions for this month, and they’re sounding mighty fine.

The forecast states:

The chance of drier and more settled conditions dominating, especially at the start of the period.

While signals suggest temperatures could be around or a little below average, we are likely to see frosts becoming confined to northern areas with an increasing number of warmer days during any settled spells.


It doesn’t sound like good news for us northerners, but for the rest of you lucky sods in the south, that sounds pretty good to me.

Just yesterday we reported that there is expected to be an incredibly warm weekend on the way, with temperatures in London look set to hit 17C this Saturday, putting Portugal to shame.

Could it be time to drive to our many charming seaside towns and hit the ice cream shops? I for one am already on TripAdvisor.

People are understandably excited about giving their teeth a rest from chattering. However, do bear in mind it could still be a bit nippy as we gear up to the weekend.


Met Office press officer Sarah L Kent told UNILAD:

On Friday, we are drawing air up from a relatively warm location so the air is coming across us from Spain, and across central parts of France.

And if you compare that to a couple of weeks back when we had really cold air coming in from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia so the air is coming from a different location.

The air very much takes on the characteristics of the place it’s come from and also the terrain it has travelled across to get to the UK.

Finally, our prayers have been answered! Forget the Beast from the East, we’ve got a heatwave on our hands.

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