Screaming Children On Aeroplanes Could Be A Thing Of The Past


A commercial airline in India has made a lot of peoples dreams come true, and pissed a lot of others off, by introducing child-free zones on their planes. 

Specifically, the budget airline, IndiGo, has introduced a ‘quiet zone’ policy which will be put in place on its premium seats meaning that children under the age of 12 will now no longer be able to sit in those areas.

Now as you can probably imagine this has massively divided opinions across the globe, reports Huffington Post.


Half of the world’s people see IndiGo as a visionary. A place for relaxing and chilled flights without the constant squealing of a five month old baby or a seven year old boy who keeps kicking your chair.

Whereas the other half of humans everywhere are mightily fuming – mainly because they have children themselves and see it as discriminatory against passengers travelling with youngens.


They also believe that it will put families off flying anywhere nice – almost as if their young ones aren’t wanted.

Anshuman Sinha, from Pune in western India, said:

The policy is discriminatory. It means you cannot ask for more leg space while travelling with your children.

It’s clear that they do not want children to disturb fliers paying extra for these seats. But then why permit children in the nearby rows?

He’s certainly got a point…