Search To Find Mysterious ‘Sue’ After Name Appears In Crops

by : Tim Horner on : 03 Oct 2017 17:52
@NPASBenson / Twitter

The game is afoot in the Oxfordshire village of Tetsworth after a police search helicopter found an unmissable ‘crop circle’.

This mysterious, otherworldly design appears vaguely similar to the characters from our alphabet that we use to make words.


It’s almost like they are trying to call out to a ‘Sue’ or at a push ‘Suex’… Whatever that might mean.

National Police Air Service Benson put a tweet out yesterday morning just before 9am and have launched the #FindSue campaign, reports the Oxford Mail.

Kent lifesavers from RNLI Walmer were quick on the scene, sharing their maritime rescue knowledge and explaining that it might be prudent to extend the search beneath the sea to explain the source of the crop circle.


You’ve got to give them credit for the lateral thinking and for not dismissing a second avenue of investigation.

Twitter user Karz opened a can of worms with the following tweet:


This raises the spectre that aliens could be communicating to us directly. Especially following Whatsapp spookily crashing across Europe earlier today.


The Twitter-based investigation offers up some further ideas as to what the mysterious crop circle could mean:


Nobody can be certain for the meaning behind the crop circles at this point.

The investigation continues, but rest assured the truth is out there…

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    Search is on to find mysterious 'Sue'