Secret Service Agent’s Daughter Shares Safety Tips For Women That Her Dad Taught Her

by : Emily Brown on : 05 Apr 2021 15:28
Secret Service Agent's Daughter Shares Safety Tips For Women That Her Dad Taught Her@cardy_couture_boutique/TikTok

A TikTok user has gone viral after sharing her Secret Service agent dad’s advice that she believes ‘100% saved [her] life’.

Lauren Bell, from Pennsylvania, shared her story in a series of videos posted to the social media platform and recalled that when she was growing up her dad would ‘always’ drill ‘situational awareness’ into her head, telling her to always be aware of her surroundings, to ‘question everything’ and ‘question everybody’.


Taking TikTok viewers back to 2014, Lauren explained that the events took place as she was shopping at her local Marshalls store, which was just one mile from her house and offered her a ‘false sense of security’ because she’d been there so many times before.

Check out her story below:


Lauren recalled noticing a man in a couple of different sections of the store before spotting him in the curtain section with a rope curtain tie in his hand, and again at the checkout, where he was buying the curtain ties.

The TikToker described feeling a ‘presence’ upon her, so she turned to stare at the man and recalled her dad’s advice, which was: ‘clothes can be removed, hair can be changed but birth marks and tattoos are always permanent’. In doing this, Lauren noted an eagle tattoo on the man’s calf.


Lauren attempted to delay leaving the store by opening up a store card, which took around 10-15 minutes and allowed the man time to check out and leave. As she went to leave the store, however, she realised he had been lurking outside and that he began to follow her.

The man attempted to get Lauren’s attention by claiming that he had a money-making opportunity for her, and that she should go to his car to check it out. Wary that he might be able to find out her address if he saw her license plate, Lauren was torn between going to her car and locking the door, and avoiding her car altogether.



Upon spotting another car in the car park, Lauren ran towards the driver, prompting the man to run away. Highlighting how her dad’s advice helped her, Lauren said, ‘Thank God that I was aware of what was going on in the store when he was following me and then [I made] better decisions to not go with him.’

Lauren’s story has racked up thousands of views, with TikTok users thanking her for sharing the details and her father’s advice.

Other videos posted on Lauren’s TikTok see her sharing ‘inspirational quotes’ from her dad, which include ‘Never turn your back towards the door’, ‘Nothing good comes after 11pm’, and ‘Never take a jog before 8am’.

Among his advice is also ‘Order drinks that come in bottles, they are harder to drug’, ‘men don’t ask for help’ and ‘if you think you are being followed, make four right turns’.

Hopefully TikTok users will continue to learn from the words of wisdom!

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