Self-Confessed ‘Plant Daddy’ Addicted To Owning House Plants Has Spent $5,000 On 200 Species


Self-Confessed 'Plant Daddy' Addicted To Owning House Plants Has Spent $5,000 On 200 SpeciesJam P

A self-described ‘plant addict’ from California has earned the nickname ‘Plant Daddy’ after splurging $5,000 on more than 200 different species of houseplants.

Cyril Sontillano, 30, from Monterey, claims living with plants is preferable than living with people, with his home having blossomed into a lush green oasis of calm thanks to his care and attention.


Cyril’s interest in all things botanical has become something of an addiction, which can at times feel ‘overwhelming’. Tropical plants, cacti, succulents and various ferns fill every corner of his home, with his collection expanding week on week.

Check out Cyril’s plant ‘children’ in the following clip:


This ever flourishing collection already includes 300 indoor plants and 70 outdoor plants, with Cyril buying one or two new plants each week.


According to Cyril:

I come from generations of plant lovers and farmers and I think it’s something I’ve acquired genetically and through the upbringing and the environment I grew up in.

I enjoy gardening and caring for my plants and all the creative pursuits I do which relate to it.

However, being a full-time Plant Daddy is no easy task. Green fingered Cyril will spend at least 30 minutes to an hour every single day randomly spot-checking his plants while ‘admiring new growth and flowers’.

At the weekend, Cyril will spend at least two to three hours on activities such as re-potting plants, creating moss poles, taking photographs and recording footage for his social media accounts.

Plant DaddyJam Press

Cyril feels deeply connected to his many plants, and, although he has indeed spent a pretty penny on them, he feels that what he has gained in return has proven to be ‘priceless’, adding great value to his life.

He said:

If other people have so much decor, random items or whatever they want to collect then why shouldn’t I fill my home with plants.

I consider my plants my collection, my decor and my vices. Having plants around me is just relaxing, they allow me to be creative and encourage me to be patient and resilient.


Having been obsessed with plants since childhood, Cyril’s friends and family have not been at all surprised by his unique decor, and have reportedly been ‘very supportive and appreciative’ of the plant content he shares with the world.

According to Cyril:

They always knew me as the boy who lived in the house with a lot of plants, my mother is the neighbourhood plant lady and my grandmothers were orchid enthusiasts.

Plant DaddyJam Press

The nickname ‘Plant Daddy’ came from Cyril’s habit of sending back photographs of his plants when his friends and family sent him photographs of their human children.

Like any good father, Cyril has to plan carefully for his plants during times when he has to be away from home, and he actively avoids being out of town for more than a week.

Cyril said:

Everything is on a timer including my grow lights and humidifiers and everything inside the home is monitored by a camera I control using my phone.”

If needed, when required I have friends who can plant sit my plant babies for me. It gets overwhelming at times. Just like any hobby, you encounter challenges such as pests, price inflation because of demand.

Plant DaddyJam Press

The pricey nature of his addiction aside, Cyril firmly believe that ‘plants are generally the best to be addicted to’, stating that ‘the positives definitely outweigh the negatives’:

My platform has given me an audience that appreciates what I do. It provides me with opportunities through collaborations and it also is an avenue for people who appreciate and support my craft.

Whatever money I make though is still spent on my plants.

Cyril – who has been described by one Instagram follower as a ‘plant god’ – believes the future is bright for his gorgeous collection, and it doesn’t look as if he’s going to lose enthusiasm any time soon.

He said:

I sincerely hope to continue with my passion.That my aspirations will come into fruition and create a larger positive impact among the people around me.”

As cliche as it may sound but I want to be a positive influence, a genuine persona that is fortunate to share his love for the arts and nature.

Along the way I want to improve myself to become the best version of me and maximize my potential as a creator and as an artist.

Plant DaddyJam Press

All the best of luck to Plant Daddy as he continues to care for his beautiful plant children. As someone who struggles to keep a basil plant going for more than a week, I truly admire his efforts.

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