Serena Williams Said She Wanted Italian Food So Her Husband Flew Her To Italy


Serena Williams’ husband raised the bar for spouses everywhere when she said she wanted Italian food by taking her out for the most authentic dishavailable. 

Taking your husband or wife out for dinner isn’t that unusual – but taking them out for dinner in a different country definitely is.

Alexis Ohanian Sr. is a nice husband and did what he could do to satisfy his wife’s craving for Italian food. And what he could do was very, very extravagant.

While any other person might have ordered a pizza to make their partner’s Italian food wishes come true, it looks like Serena’s husband actually flew them both to Italy.

Alexis, who co-founded Reddit, posted a picture of the couple to Instagram, tagging the location as Venice, Italy.

The caption read:

She wanted Italian for dinner, so…

She wanted Italian for dinner, so…

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If he really flew them to a different country just because of Serena’s need for Italian, then he is officially the husband of all husbands.

Obviously, flying all the way to Italy just for dinner would be ridiculous (although yes, we’ve established it is a very extravagant move), so the husband and wife stayed in the country for a week.

Serena and Alexis stayed in a villa which looks perfectly suited to two people who flew to Italy on a whim – it appeared to be extremely fancy, and even had a sliding hatch in the roof which opened to reveal the sky.


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This delightful little perk couldn’t possibly be left unnoticed by the masses, so Alexis took out his drone and Serena shared a birds-eye view of the scene with her Instagram followers.

The video shows the tennis ace lounging on a bed, with dogs who presumably accompanied the couple on their trip also hanging out in the room.

She captioned the video:

Loving family time in beautiful Italy. What an insane room I stayed in. I got to look at stars from my bed at night!! This week has been a dream!

Describing the week as a ‘dream’ was probably the best way to allow Serena’s fans to be able to relate to her post. In a dream is likely the only way most people would experience that kind of situation.

The couple shared a few snaps from their trip, where they did as the Italians do and strolled the streets, went on a gondola ride, and admired the views.

Alexis posted a final picture from Italy to express his approval of their holiday.

He wrote:

Venezia made a great first impression on the family. We’ll certainly be back.

Fans of the pair were quick to comment their delight and envy.

One commenter wrote:

Game over!! Mr Ohanian gets all the greatest husband points!!

Another added:

Aw I wanted Italian as well and all I got was Olive garden for my wedding anniversary lol I hope you enjoyed your trip God bless

While definitely an excessive dinner date, I think Serena deserved the holiday after juggling the pregnancy and birth of her child with her tennis career – she had definitely earned a week of rest and whatever food her heart desired.

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