Seth Rogen Shaved Off His Beard And Everyone Thinks He Looks Incredible

Seth RoganGetty

Seth Rogen has shaved his beard off and his fans are definitely on board with the new look.

The actor has been sporting some form of facial hair for most of his time in the spotlight, possibly to pull off the acting roles you’d usually associate with a more serious, mature figure like a father or policeman.

Needless to say, Rogen’s portrayal of these types of roles in Bad Neighbours or Superbad weren’t particularly serious or mature, even with the beard.

The actor will soon be featuring in a film which will see his character surrounded by a whole lot of hair – well, fur – as he plays the loveable warthog Pumbaa in the highly-anticipated live-action reboot of The Lion King.

He shared a picture of himself with some other members of the cast last month, back when his beard was in all its glory:

Creating the movie could have been what inspired him to shave before its release. Maybe he didn’t want to have a mane of hair which could have in any way resembled a lion, like the traitorous Scar we’ll soon be seeing in high definition?

Okay, that theory might be a bit of a stretch, but the point is he shaved and the 36-year-old now looks more reminiscent of his (still immature) character in Knocked Up, with very little facial hair at all.

He shared a picture of his transformed chin to Twitter, making the focus of photo clear with the simple caption ‘I shaved’:

His new look has gone down well with fans, with many saying his nearly-hairless chin makes him look extremely cute.

He probably would have preferred compliments like ‘rugged’ or ‘handsome’, but you can’t be picky when posting a selfie.

One approving Twitter user wrote:

you know what.. you cute bro

While another simply shared a GIF to express what they wanted to do to the freshly shaved actor:

Luckily some commenters were less patronising, with one writing:

this is hot seth!

While a girl from Ottawa is using Rogen’s look as the new standard for men with beards:

Well, u look 10 years younger and very handsome. Gather round men, take heed: a couple layers of scruff GOOD. A Civil War beard that could retain the weight of a pencil? BAD.

So there you have it, bearded men. ‘Take heed’, as girl from Ottawa says. Rogen has successfully pulled off the shaved look, maybe you can too?

But then again, bearded guys supposedly make better spouses – what to believe!

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