Seven-Year-Old Put In Isolation For ‘Inappropriate’ Hairstyle By Teacher With Pink Hair

Teacher With Pink Hair Gives Boy Detention For Banned HaircutSWNS

A head teacher with pink hair has been accused of hypocrisy after she punished a pupil for sporting a ‘banned haircut’.

Yeah, here we are again, reading articles about school kids being sent home for essentially breaking the rules but parents complaining about it regardless.

Lucian Smith, seven, was handed detention by his school, Templars Academy, in Witham, Essex, after he showed up with lines shaved into his hair.

Teacher With Pink Hair Gives Boy Detention For Banned HaircutSWNS

His dad Darren Smith, and mum, Stephanie Harman, said they thought his hair would have grown back by the time he returned from the Easter break, but it hadn’t.

Lucian’s detention meant he was unable to join his mates at break time, something his parents disagreed with.

Both Darren and Stephanie said they were more annoyed by the fact the head teacher had dyed pink hair.

Darren said:

It’s completely a case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

We’re not judgemental people and couldn’t give a monkeys what colour people choose to dye their hair.

But if you take on a job as a teacher, you become a big influence and you have to take responsibility for your own rules.

You can’t tell the kids to do one thing while you’re swanning around doing the complete opposite. It’s completely hypocritical.

Teacher With Pink Hair Gives Boy Detention For Banned HaircutSWNS

Darren said he and Stephanie had taken Lucian to get another haircut after being told the style was not suitable, but the school were still ‘not happy’.


It’s not fair to treat a seven-year-old child in this way, it’s our responsibility not his and he’s been left with this weighing on his shoulders. We can’t help feel that he’s been completely scapegoated.

It’s just not worth the risk, no, obviously it’s not Lucien’s fault, but the rules are there.

Darren and Stephanie said they have now decided to send Lucian to another school because they think he has been ‘continuously picked on by teachers’, including an incident where he was punished for having the wrong trousers.

Teacher With Pink Hair Gives Boy Detention For Banned HaircutGoogle

Mr Smith said he received an apology for ‘haircut-gate’ from a behavioural leader at the school

Headteacher Ms Bass added in a statement:

Connected Learning Multi Academy Trust has a uniform policy in place, across five schools, which is reviewed regularly and outlines all expected appearance.

This is easily accessible to parents, via the school website or school office.

Each year we ask parents to sign a home school agreement that states they will support the school with its policies, including the uniform policy.

This pupil’s parents signed in November 2017.

*Eye roll*

We see schools banning certain haircuts and dishing out punishments quite a lot.

This case is a bit harder to digest though:

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Some people don’t think detention works, and the Holistic Life Foundation seems to have found a solution – and it’s as easy as breathing.

The idea is the brainchild of three men who saw their hometown turn from a neighbourhood – a place to raise children – into a dangerous, unstable ‘war zone’.

The Holisitic Life Foundation approached the Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland, and began running meditation classes instead.

Principle Carlillian Thompson started noticing a difference in their children’s behaviour after the first three months.

Quiet rooms are a relatively common thing, with more and more popping up in universities across the UK. There are also mindfulness projects that work with younger children, such as Mindfulness in Schools Project.

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