Sex And Sleep Are The True Keys To Happiness, Reveals Study


What do you think is the secret to happiness? Marriage, healthy diet, having children, taking long walks? Nope. All wrong.

The answer is sex and sleep. Don’t believe me? Researchers at Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research say otherwise.

A study conducted by them found that shagging and shut-eye are the two things that have the greatest link to a person’s well-being.


Although we tend to think having loads of money creates happiness, the index found that even quadrupling your income doesn’t do much for your state of mind.

Polls carried out by the National Centre for Social Research found that the best rested people scored 15 points higher on the index than those who can’t sleep for sh*t.

As for people dissatisfied with their sex life, they score 7 points lower than the lucky ones having it off every other night.


The report said:

For the typical Brit, improving their sleep to the level of someone at the top of the index would be equivalent to them having over four times as much disposable income. [Sleep] is the the strongest indicator of a broader sense of well-being.

Ian Mulherin, director of consulting at Oxford Economics, said:

The richness of our relationships and support networks remains among the biggest determinants of how well we live – and represents an area of our lives in which we can act.

Which must mean this lucky lady is really happy.

There we have it.