Shocking Moment Shopper Unleashes Racist Rant At Muslim Woman For Wearing Veil


A Muslim woman in west London was racially abused and called ‘Batman’, just because she was wearing a veil.

In the sickening clip, the woman – who had popped into a local shop to buy some sweets – was confronted by a man repeatedly asking her: “Why do you wear that?” referring to her hijab.

The abuse allegedly began when she walked into the shop and was greeted by the dad humming the Batman tune. He also allegedly said: “Say what you want girls, she won’t understand English anyway.”

Anger-505632YouTube/Ahlam UmmAqsa

That’s when she decided to film the verbal attack. At one point, he even tells her: “My kids can’t even see your face. How do I know if you’re a man or a woman?”

Throughout the row – which took place yesterday – the man’s children are obviously upset by the whole ordeal and start crying.

The woman than tell hims that he needs to set a better example for his kids, adding: “You’re ignorant you need to grow up and stop teaching kids that [language].”

Angry-479900YouTube/Ahlam UmmAqsa

It seems to have all finally blown over, but it soon quickly escalates after the man adds: “I know a white girl who married a Muslim man and she has an ISIS flag on her back wall.”

He just keeps hurling insult after insult until another Muslim customer and the shopkeeper have to get involved to stop the argument.

The woman – who is believed to be called Ahlam UmmAqsa – uploaded the video on YouTube, and thanked the men who stepped in and helped her.

Angry-479901YouTube/Ahlam UmmAqsa

She wrote:

I can not believe what I had to endure today. Honestly couldn’t believe it. I was minding my own business. I had to pop into the shop down in Shepherd’s Bush to grab something. As I entered, this guy who I’ve seen around the area decided to call me ‘batman’, he even sang the theme tune. Thank you to the uncle and brother who came in and had a go at the man.

There’s no place for this disgusting behaviour in our society.