Shocking Secrets About Dead Hotel Guests Exposed By Lawyers

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Shocking Secrets About Dead Hotel Guests Exposed By Lawyers@the.law.says.what/Pictorial Press/Alamy

Your holiday hotel may be holding some deathly secrets, according to two lawyers. 

Hotels are different for everyone: a home away from home for regular travellers; a place to rest your head out of necessity; a luxurious treat for couples and families on vacation; and for some, the last place they’ll ever stay.


While the circumstances of the deaths vary, it’s estimated that around 100,000 people die in hotel rooms in the US every year.


In a new TikTok from Maclen and Ashleigh (@the.law.says.what), two Harvard Law spouses, they discuss the top three weirdest hotel laws – from a hotel room, no less.

Firstly, they talk about innkeepers’ lien rights, which allows hotel owners to take possession of your things if you don’t pay your bills, and if you persist on not paying, they can actually sell whatever you own to pay back the debt.


Next, they move onto dead guests in hotels. While around 100,000 people die in hotels every year, hotels aren’t legally required to tell you if someone has passed away in the room you’re going to be staying in. ‘Even if it was the guest right before you… all they have to do is clean it,’ the couple says.

A hotel guest could have died in your room and you wouldn't even know it. (Pexels)Pexels

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Thirdly, the pair discuss how hotels have the right to ask you to leave if you’re a bad guest – but if you’re there for a particularly long time, it becomes a tenant/landlord relationship and the owners would have to go through a formal eviction notice.

‘What’s really interesting is if you live in a state that still has an eviction moratorium, you could technically go to a hotel, stay for a really long time, stop paying your bill, and they won’t be able to kick you out,’ they add.


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