Shocking Video Reveals What Happens When You Put A Grease Fire Into The Sink

by : Emily Brown on : 23 Aug 2021 15:13
Shocking Video Reveals What Happens When You Put A Grease Fire Into The SinkBlackskyDK/Reddit

A grease fire is not something anyone should attempt to tackle with water, with dramatic footage showing exactly how damaging such a response can be. 

Unlike campfires sparked with lighters or a cosy wood-burner in the front room, grease fires are sparked when oil, grease or fat residing on a cooker or in the oven gets hot enough to ignite.


The flames of a grease fire burn extremely hot and can spread quickly if not handled properly, with fire safety organisations stressing that water is not the solution to a grease fire.

According to Firesafe.org.uk, 7,000 people in the UK are injured in kitchen fires each year, with nearly two-thirds of domestic fires sparking as a result of cooking.

Footage of a grease fire blazing in a pan has caught the attention of social media users after being posted on Reddit and Twitter this weekend, with the caption explaining the video shows exactly what happens when such a fire is hit with water.


The person in the video could be seen grinning as they carried the burning pan over to the sink, but it goes without saying that this is not a fun activity and in no way should you try it for yourself.

See the footage below. Warning: Do Not Try This At Home:

Once the pan was in the sink, the man in the video turned on the tap and was instantly forced to back away as the flames burst up to the ceiling. Towards the end of the clip, the pan appeared to have been dropped to the floor, where flames continued to burn.


It’s clear that water did nothing to extinguish the flames, and firefighters have stressed the importance of knowing how to handle a grease fire in the correct manner.

An article by Fire Rescue 1, which cited Captain Jeremy Francis and Firefighter Steven Malzachar from the Bismarck Fire Department and Fire Chief Steve Nardello from the Mandan Fire Department, explains that grease fires can be extinguished by putting a metal lid or baking tray over the flames to help prevent oxygen getting to them.

Other tips for tackling a grease fire include turning off the heat source, pouring baking soda or salt – though not other, seemingly similar cooking powders – onto the flames if they are small enough, and, as a ‘last resort’, spraying the fire with a dry chemical fire extinguisher.


If the fire is too big to extinguish, people are advised to leave the house, close the door to the fire to prevent spread and call the emergency services.

When it comes to preventing grease fires, experts encourage remaining in the kitchen at all times while cooking, keeping potentially flammable items away from the cooker and heating oil slowly when cooking.

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