Shopper Drinks Mouthwash, Spits It Back And Returns To Shelf


Jumping aboard a disgusting viral challenge, a shopper has filmed themselves gargling Listerine mouthwash before spitting it back in the bottle and returning it to the shelf.

The grim challenge reportedly took place in an unnamed American branch of Walmart, and is believed to have been inspired by another shopper who went viral after licking a tub of ice cream.

Thankfully, the mouthwash user later tweeted images of some receipts, suggesting they actually bought the bottle. However, people have understandably been pretty grossed out by the stunt…

In a clip which has since gone viral, the shopper – who goes by the Twitter name Bameron Nicole Smith – tweeted a video of themselves sloshing the blue liquid around in their mouth before spitting it right back in the bottle.

Before swilling the mouthwash, Smith can be heard to say, ‘Girl, it has been one musty fucking morning’. They then say, ‘Mmm, nice and minty and fresh’, before appearing to walk away from the oral hygiene aisle.

Smith later tweeted the clip alongside the following caption:

You bitches with no oral hygiene could take a hint.

Those who have seen the footage have been left shocked and appalled, wondering why on earth someone would choose to do this.

One person tweeted:

That girl who licked the ice cream caught a felony, I hope this person does tbh.

Another said:

I don’t care if it’s staged this shit is still nasty and the fact that people are ok with doing this just for attention is some type of sickness.

Walmart have made the following statement to the

We are investigating this incident.

If someone tampers with a product and leaves it on the shelf, we will work with law enforcement to identify and prosecute those found responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

Really, really hoping this new ‘trend’ won’t take off in the UK…

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