Shopping Centre Introduces ‘Fast-Lane’ To Stop ‘Slow-Rage’ Incidents


There are two types of people in this life: slow walkers and fast walkers.

I must admit, I am a long-time slow walker. I like to stroll through a shopping precinct at my own leisure, checking out the window displays and generally angering all the fast walkers.

Once a disgruntled shopper actually kicked the back of my heel to get me to hurry up, but I’m afraid I haven’t learnt my lesson.

Luckily, intu Lakeside Centre in Essex has now created a fast lane which should protect daydreaming dawdlers such as myself.

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The new 220-metre fast lane is intended for hyper-efficient customers who want to zip from shop to shop, without being held up by any pesky slow-pokes.

The average walking speed is 2.85mph however this falls by a dramatic 20% over the festive period – just when the stressy fast walkers are at their most stressiest.

It is hoped this corridor of quickness – a trial collaboration between intu and MasterCard – will cut down incidents of ‘slow-rage’ as we move towards the most hectic shopping weekend of the year.

Check out the innovative lane in action below:

New research from MasterCard has revealed how slow walking is the greatest annoyance for over 80% of shoppers – with Londoners getting the most hacked off.

Slow shoppers do more than just annoy. Apparently, 27% of Brits have missed their bus due to these frustrating fiends.

Even worse, 13% of people have reached their shopping destinations too late – when the shops have already shut for the day. Never good when you are trying to squeeze in your Christmas shopping after work.

Whoops. Sorry guys…

This research also categorised four types of distinct shoppers – Skaters, Dodgers, Bulldozers and Tutters. Skaters make up almost a third of us. These are to ones who try to manoeuvre their way through a crowd with grace and decorum.

Then you have your Dodgers (51%) – these people will move paths specifically to ‘dodge’ pesky slow walkers, creating their very own fast lane. Brash Bulldozers (11%) have a slightly more upfront attitude, barging their way through the crowds.

Passive aggressive Tutters (15%) will grumble audibly – in the most British way possible.

According to Mastercard News, Head of Masterpass at MasterCard Elliott Goldenberg said:

All the retailers we work with are refining their business models to meet the needs of today’s shopper.

Our spending data shows a real change in buying behaviour as people continue to blend both online shopping and visiting stores for gifts.

What technology gives them is speed and convenience, but they really want to see that experience reflected on the high street.

Goldenberg added:

intu Lakeside is a great example of how retailers are adapting to these needs, and catering to a much broader range of shopper preferences.

Some might like to make shopping a social occasion, some want to just click and collect and others might want to browse before buying online.

Great news. Now Essex-based shoppers can dash round, grab their Christmas essentials and still have time for a relaxed hot chocolate at the end of their trip.