Shropshire Mum Nicknames Her Baby With Full Head Of Hair Kim Jong-un

by : Emily Brown on : 12 Feb 2020 12:19
Mum Nicknames Her Baby With Full Head Of Hair Kim Jong-unSWNS

A bemused mother has nicknamed her baby daughter Kim Jong-un after she was born with a thick mop of jet-black hair, just like the North Korean leader’s.

As much as little Nell Purser-Barriff might resemble the politician, however, the chances of them being related are really quite slim.


She was born to parents Samantha and Terry, who live in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, last October. As her older brother Cole was born with blonde hair, the parents were shocked when Nell came out with thick, dark locks.

Baby born with jet black hair nicknamed Kim Jong-unSWNS

The youngster’s barnet has now grown to 5cm long and continues to be a talking point among the family, who have jokingly nicknamed the baby Kim Jong-un.

Speaking about when she first caught sight of Nell’s hair, mum Samantha said:


It was just such a shock. Especially as her brother is so fair – he’s blonde with fair skin. They really are opposites.

I know it sounds gross but when I was having an internal scan I was told it felt like she had hair. But when she was born I didn’t expect it to be so much.

People were telling us that it would eventually fall out. But it just keeps growing!

Mum brushing baby's hairSWNS

IT consultant Terry added:

It was a shock.

Samantha and I weren’t hairy babies so it’s not like it was a family trait.


Kim Jong-un’s hair is one of the controversial leader’s most recognisable features, and it has been the focus of headlines and memes on more than one occasion. As such, I’m not sure how little Nell would feel about being compared to him, but she’s too young to realise just yet.

The father explained the family have ‘Mediterranean blood’, which he believes is the reason for Nell’s striking hair.

Nell is said to love playing with her thick locks and ‘always has her hands through her hair’.

Baby born with jet black hair nicknamed Kim Jong-unSWNS

The little girl’s looks are so unusual that Samantha says her shopping trips takes twice as long due to all the attention her daughter gets from strangers.

Samantha explained:

We get stopped all the time by strangers telling us what beautiful hair she has.

One time we were outside Marks & Spencer and a woman came up to me and said, ‘I’ve got grandchildren but I just wanted to say she’s the most beautiful baby I’ve seen. She’s got lovely hair.’

Baby born with jet black hair nicknamed Kim Jong-unSWNS

Unfortunately Nell’s older brother is sometimes overlooked by the strangers fussing over the little girl – although I’m sure the constant attention would probably get annoying after a while!

Terry commented:

People are amazed by [Nell’s hair].

We had one old woman fussing over Nell for a good 10 minutes before she turned to look at Cole and brushed him off like, ‘Oh yeah, he’s cute too.’

I’m sure Nell’s hair will continue to be a talking point, though hopefully the nickname will wear off soon enough!

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