Sign Language Interpreter Translates When Someone Shouts ‘F*ck You’ At Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell

by : Emily Brown on : 09 Sep 2020 13:32
Sign Language Interpreter Translates When Someone Shouts 'F*ck You' At Honolulu Mayor Kirk CaldwellMayor Kirk Caldwell/Facebook

A sign language interpreter made sure to keep all viewers in the loop when she interpreted an audience member shouting ‘F*ck you’ to Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell during a press conference. 

Many people will have never had to learn the sign for ‘F*ck you’, but chances are you already know it, because it’s a simple, hard-hitting middle finger.


This was made apparent by a sign language interpreter working at Caldwell’s news conference at Honolulu Hale in Hawaii yesterday, September 8, as she made sure she didn’t miss a moment of the mayor’s speech or the audience’s reaction to it.

Check out the scene here:


Caldwell held the conference to announce that his stay-at-home, work-from-home order would continue for the next two weeks in an effort to stem a surge in new coronavirus cases in the region.


The mayor announced that parks, beaches and trails would reopen to allow for solo activities, including reading, meditating, eating lunch, jogging and sitting on the beach, but he made clear that gatherings were not allowed.

Mayor Caldwell at coronavirus press conferenceMayor Kirk Caldwell/Facebook

Addressing the audience, he commented:

You can only get one household in one household. Your friends from another household are prohibited, or should not be coming to your house to gather.

We’re trying to really bring down the spread of the virus and we do know that it spreads when people from different households get together.

You can’t invite your auntie and cous from another household over to your house to have dinner. That is a gathering that is prohibited.

Mayor and sign language interpreterMayor Kirk Caldwell/Facebook

While prohibiting gatherings and encouraging distancing is necessary to help stop the spread of the virus, one press conference attendee was less than impressed with the orders, and they made sure to make their opinions known.

From somewhere behind the camera they shouted ‘F*ck you!’, and after a moment’s hesitation the interpreter signed out the phrase by quickly throwing her middle finger to the camera.

The moment gained attention online after a screenshot of the interpreter was shared on Reddit, where users pointed out that the interpreter was obliged to relay everything that was said, no matter how crude.

Sign language interpreter signs f*ck youMayor Kirk Caldwell/Facebook

Caldwell was praised for his response to the heckle, which saw him explain that free speech was allowed in the country.

He added:

I understand how upset people are, and I understand that from where they stand they see it as being unfair, but we’re trying to be as fair as possible in terms of our public’s health and safety.


Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Hawaii has recorded 88 fatalities and 10,025 confirmed cases.

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Mayor Kirk Caldwell/Facebook
  1. Mayor Kirk Caldwell/Facebook