Singletons Use Spending Habits To Judge Blind Date

by : UNILAD on : 03 Aug 2021 11:58
Singletons Use Spending Habits To Judge Blind DateUNILAD

How do you usually figure out if you’re compatible with a potential partner before agreeing to grab a drink? In the age of online dating, it’s not always a straightforward affair.

Aside from a few photos, a short bio riddled with more embellishments than a Fabergé egg, and whatever they’ve been telling you over DMs, you really don’t have much to go on. But what if there was another way to see if they’re a match? A way that tells you exactly who they are and what they’re into. What if you could pick your partner based on their spending habits?


Granted, it’s not the conventional way of doing things, but hear us out. The way a person behaves with their money says a lot about who they really are. It shows what their interests are; whether they’re calculated or impulsive; introverted or extroverted. It also shows how responsible they are, and with financial wellbeing and mental wellbeing so closely linked, it’s good to know that the person you’re investing your time in is on the same page as you when it comes to spending.

To put this theory to the test, we joined forces with Klarna, the smooth shopping platform, to give three couples with similar interests the opportunity to go on a date. The catch? Each participant is allowed to snoop through their prospective partner’s smartphone, including their Klarna app, before deciding whether or not to take things further. Here’s how it went down for Xavier and Ceri-Ann.

Couple on a blind date (UNILAD)UNILAD

Two comic book lovers with a shared love of travelling; things were looking good for movie star (more on that later) Ceri-Ann and American-football player Xavier from the word go. But would that still be the case when they got their hands on each other’s smartphones?


Ceri-Ann liked what she saw when she started browsing Xavier’s photos and spotted his washboard abs almost immediately. And Xavier was similarly impressed when he found photos of Ceri-Ann in full Wonder Woman cosplay. ‘She looks great. Let’s go save the world!’ he laughed.

But it was when the pair opened each other’s Klarna apps that things really started to click. Looking at his recent purchases, Ceri-Ann saw that Xavier liked his comic books, something which she had recently got into through her work as a body double for Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman. She also noticed that he was partial to a spot of pampering, but that was fine by her as long as it was within reason.

Ceri-Ann on blind date (UNILAD)UNILAD

‘I do like a man who takes care of himself,’ she said. ‘But he can’t spend too long in the mirror. If he’s spending more time than me, then it’s a no go.’ She also spotted wish lists for travelling gear on his Klarna app, which suited her down to the ground as she’d been looking for a travel buddy.


Meanwhile, Xavier had a look through Ceri-Ann’s top spending categories and liked what he saw. Travel featured, which ticked boxes for him, and he loved that items for a trip to Barcelona were on her wish list, thinking that he might be able to woo her with his Spanish.

Xavier on blind date (UNILAD)UNILAD

Spending patterns laid bare, things were still looking positive for the pair, and even after a quick call with a random contact off the other’s call list, it looked like a date might be on the cards.

The box-ticking continued when Xavier and Ceri-Ann met face to face, with both admitting they found the other attractive. Plus, Xavier’s jaw almost hit the floor when Ceri-Ann revealed how she earned a living. Naturally, they agreed to head out on a date, proving our financial-matchmaking experiment a success.


So, is there anything to be said for matchmaking based on spending? Judging by Xavier and Ceri-Ann’s experience, we’d have to say yes. However, they weren’t the only couple taking part. Check out the rest of the series to see how our other couples fared. SPOILER: They weren’t all as successful as Xavier and Ceri-Ann.

For more details and tips on managing your spending, download the Klarna app.

*Please shop responsibly. 18+ UK residents only. Credit subject to status. T&Cs apply. See klarna.com for details.

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