Sir David Attenborough Is Britain’s Most Trusted Celebrity

by : UNILAD on : 05 Jan 2018 15:52

A recent poll in the United Kingdom has deemed veteran broadcaster, David Attenborough, the country’s most trustworthy celebrity.


The Planet Earth II documentarian beat the likes of actor Tom Hanks (second) and former First Lady, Michelle Obama (third), while her husband, former President Barack, came in ninth – as Britain’s most trusted celebrities.

The poll also found how British people, surprisingly, have a lot of issues when it comes to trust.


According to researchers from OnePoll, the people they surveyed only trust three people.


Proving mum’s mean business and dad’s mean fun, nine out of ten adults say they trust their mother but when it comes to their father 7 per cent don’t feel they can.

One in 20 who took the survey feel they can’t trust their partner, which is strange because why are you telling this to a random survey taker and not your significant other?

Others admitted they don’t trust their kids (once they hit 13 and are old enough to go out – who really does?), grandparents or even their best friend.

While it does seem there’s a cause for concern how almost one in five don’t trust anyone at all, this could be vindicated by the fact the average adult will be betrayed three times a year – so maybe being socially aloof, or at least cautious isn’t such a negative trait to possess?

Shaun Armstrong, Managing Director for Creditplus, who commissioned the research, stated:

The results of this survey highlight just how fundamental trust is in every aspect of our lives, every day.

Whether it’s our family, friends, relationships or working lives, trust really is the key – and this is no different in our finances and shopping habits.

The poll, which was taken by 2000 adults, revealed the various ways in which they’ve been let down or betrayed by one of their so-called nearest and dearest.


20 per cent claimed to have been cheated on by their partner, but also listed being lied too, let down by their peers, significant others being unavailable in times of crisis, as other crimes against their trust.

Furthermore, one in ten Brits have been in situations when a has friend failed to pay them back money borrowed, while others have been stood up or even embarrassed by someone who called themselves a friend.

OnePoll’s research discovered British people value integrity, honesty, dependability and consistency, considering them all as important traits in a ‘trustworthy’ person.

If you happen to be sneaky, manipulative, selfish, promiscuous, lacking in empathy and/or have no sense of humour, you’re deemed as someone who can’t be trusted.


In terms of celebrities, wildlife filmmaker, Sir David Attenborough is the nation’s most trustworthy, yet Prince William and Stephen Hawking sit among him in the top ten.

However, (and rather unsurprisingly), one in two people didn’t trust current US President Donald Trump – I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care though because he’s not ranting about it on Twitter.

To be fair, he may still do if he catches wind of this article – if he does, hey mum, look, I made it!

Other untrustworthy celebrities included Piers Morgan, Boris Johnson and Tony Blair.


The study also gave an insightful look into peoples retail habits – those who took part in the study found established brands such as Boots, Apple, John Lewis and the Post Office as the most reliable companies.

It highlights how important trust is to Brits’ in their day-to-day decisions – half of people who took part have stated a company’s trustworthiness and ethical practices are a big influence on their shopping habits.

Three in ten will only purchase from a company with a four or five-star rating and more than 60 per cent feel they have more power over companies as they can research and review online.

However, 73 per cent still believe many companies and lenders prey on vulnerable consumers, so a company’s/brand’s trustworthiness, transparency and customer service is crucial to six in ten people.


Armstrong added:

When purchasing online or shopping for a loan, knowing we’re dealing with a company we can trust is vital to our decisions – making integrity, ethical and trustworthy behaviour as important as ever before.

Here Are The Top Celebrities The British Public Trust The Most:

1. David Attenborough

2. Tom Hanks

3. Michelle Obama

4. Prince William

5. The Queen

6. Morgan Freeman

7. Prince Harry

8. Stephen Hawking

9. Barack Obama

10. Judi Dench

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