Sir Rod Stewart Brings Pride Of Britain Winner To Tears With Incredible Gesture

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Music legend Sir Rod Stewart reduced a Pride of Britain winner to tears last night when he donated £10,000 to her business.


The Prince’s Trust Young Achiever winner Katie Walker was left speechless when the 72-year-old rock singer made the generous donation to her business.

Stewart and his wife Lady Penny were on stage at the Grosvenor House in London to present the 32-year-old with the award she won for her charitable business.


Katie runs a beauty salon in Liverpool which is a safe place for victims of domestic violence.


At the salon, Bella Mode Hair and Beauty, these survivors can share their stories and receive a pampering service.

Stewart decided to make the donation as he wanted to give her business a boost.


He said:

I am very proud to be British tonight, I tell you. Isn’t it wonderful?

And in saying that, I would like to donate £10,000 to your business to keep it going and up and running.

And I’m sure Lord Sugar would double that?

An emotional Katie just stared at Stewart in shock, hiding her face in her hands as she burst into tears.

You can watch the award presentation here:

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After finding herself trapped in a controlling relationship, Katie was attacked by her partner who viciously broke every bone in her face and left her needing three months of surgery in hospital in order to reconstruct it.

Katie’s partner was jailed but she cut herself off from the world suffering from severe depression before opening the salon in a bid to rebuild her life and also help fellow survivors.

On social media, Katie asks her followers to nominate someone who is struggling to receive a beauty treatment.

She is now expanding her business training women who suffer from domestic abuse in hair and beauty techniques.

Her staff are also training in counselling in order to provide that extra support to those in need.

Lady Penny also paid tribute to Katie for her work alongside her husband Stewart.

She said:

Rod and I have been ambassadors for many years, and you are exactly why the Prince’s Trust set up the awards.

You are a a true inspiration, and your voice has echoed across to so many women that need to have that opportunity to say, to express their troubles, and I honour you tonight and thank you very much.


Each year, on the anniversary of the vicious attack, Katie re-posts the photos of her beaten face on social media.

She explained to the Liverpool Echo why, saying:

The first year I got over 3,000 likes and hundreds of messages from women suffering similar abuse.

Every time I post the photos, I give an update on the good things happening in my life now.

I want to show them there is life on the other side.

When Katie received her award last night, she gave a powerful speech about why she started her business.

She said:

I just wanted to help that one person and when I started to get hundreds of messages off girls, I was overwhelmed and realised I needed to keep going.

Katie really is doing incredible work.

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