Six Women Get Revenge On Guy Who Tried To Date Them All In One Night

by : UNILAD on : 06 Apr 2018 14:05
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Dating is a tough, tough game, as anyone currently trying to find love will tell you emphatically.


We all have our own tales of the date from hell, but I’m willing to bet that tale is nothing compared to the six women who ended up on a date with one guy in the same night.

The gentleman stacked all six of his dates so that they arrived at the bar on the same night, as some twisted model of efficiency.

The date, which took place a year ago, went viral on Twitter, and to mark the anniversary, the girls went on This Morning to talk to Eamonn and Ruth.

It started off with Lisette Pylant, who agreed to meet the man after a friend set them up on a date on her birthday.


But things became pretty awkward when another girl turned up, and the guy started ignoring Lisette for her.

The not-quite-Casanova then went outside to take a call, and it became apparent that there was a third date on the way.

Lisette documented her bizarre dating situation on a Twitter thread, which obviously went viral.

In the thread, she details how the girls proceeded to turn the date on its head, and steal the girls from the mystery man before he could actually sit them down and chat to them.

All in all, six girls turned up to the date, but they ended up all in another bar together, having a great time


The man found himself at the centre of a Twitter storm, so he came forward and revealed himself as Justin Schweiger, and defended his actions. He said he never told the girls it was a date.

I do stack my dates. I do typically book them at the same place. I’m very time-oriented, efficiency-oriented.

I know it’s kind of taken that realm [of him being disrespectful]. I’m sorry this happened.

But i’ve been very upfront with all of them. I never said, ‘let’s go on a date’. I always said, ‘Let’s meet for drinks’.

If I take you for a date, you will know it’s a date. There will be flowers and some dinner and some other cool things involved.

These six women won’t be treated to the full date treatment however, but they have forged a great group friendship through the shared experience.

Speaking to This Morning, Kali Bowers said:

While I can appreciate the efficiency of it all, because dating takes a lot of time, I don’t think that he realised that we were also interviewing him and we are not interested in a type of partner that would treat five other women with the disregard for their feelings and truly not think twice about it.


Alex Woody added:

What it comes down to is whether you have respect for another person, and he clearly wanted to make sure that his time was well managed but at the same time a lot of us took 30 minutes to get to this bar to even meet him and to have this happen.

We’re also trying to figure out, like Kali said, we’re interviewing him as well. And we had to take time out of our days.

I guess this is just a lesson in actually taking the time to speak to your dates one on one, not really a lesson I thought needed teaching to be honest.

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