Skegness Mum Creates Virtual McDonald’s Drive-Thru For Birthday Treat

by : Julia Banim on : 08 Apr 2020 19:02

Personally, nothing says comfort food quite like a bag of those famous salty fries washed down with an ice-cream-thick strawberry milkshake, and I must admit I let out a gasp of despair when I heard McDonald’s was temporarily shutting the golden arches.

The iconic fast food chain made absolutely the right decision to close their doors at this time, but that hasn’t stopped me dreaming about driving home with a paper bag full of hot burgers on my lap and trying to resist the urge to pinch a chip at the traffic lights.


Of course, I’m certainly not alone in my pining, with people up and down the country already imagining just how glorious that first, long-awaited McNugget will taste. I can’t even imagine how this must feel for kids, with the ultimate Friday night treat currently being out of reach.

Drive ThruDrive ThruKaren Lennon

One imaginative mum from Skegness, however, has found an absolutely brilliant way to keep her little ones entertained while stuck indoors – creating their very own McDonald’s drive-thru to play with.

Karen Lennon is a busy mum to no fewer than six boys, all between the ages of 11 months and 14 years of age. As an adult who is currently struggling to keep herself entertained, I can only presume she is some sort of wizard.


Karen told UNILAD:

I was about to start cooking dinner when my 11-year-old son Arron said, ‘It’s a shame McDonald’s and all takeaways are closed’, because it was his birthday on Friday.

So I decided to search YouTube for a drive-thru and made them a McMummies for tea and tried to make it entertaining. And yes they did enjoy it.

I made the nugget and chip holders from new envelopes cut in half and I draw a big M on them. That’s all I had to hand at the moment.

Drive ThruDrive ThruKaren Lennon

Footage shared on Facebook shows one of Karen’s sons beaming happily as he tries out the makeshift drive thru, with the simulator taken from the LadBaby YouTube channel.


The youngster can be seen giving his orders from the seat of a push-along toy before driving around to collect his order, which honestly kind of looks like the real deal.

Of course, like many mums, Karen has faced challenges when trying to explain the current situation to her young children.

Karen told UNILAD:

It’s been challenging, because obviously explaining such a massive thing that’s going on in the world to children of this age is difficult, especially for my toddler Phoenix who is two.

It’s hard for him to grasp why we can’t take him out. And we’ve explained in detail to the children why all the shops are closed.

The older children understand but for the younger ones it’s difficult. But we are trying to keep things as normal as we can for now and to enjoy the time we have together.

Drive ThruDrive ThruKaren Lennon

Offering advice to other parents who are keen to keep their children entertained under these restrictive circumstances, Karen advised:

Search the internet or mum’s groups that are on Facebook. There is loads of stuff out there to try and keep things fun and creative.

Here’s to all the top mums out there who are working hard to bring their kids some fun and laughter at this difficult time.


It’s okay to not panic about everything going on in the world right now. LADbible and UNILAD’s aim with our campaign, Cutting Through, is to provide our community with facts and stories from the people who are either qualified to comment or have experienced first-hand the situation we’re facing. For more information from the World Health Organization, click here.

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