Snapchat Now Has Selfie Filters For Cats

by : UNILAD on : 13 Oct 2018 10:43
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Animal lovers rejoice, it’s the social media news we’ve all been waiting for – Snapchat now has selfie filters for cats! Sounds purrrfect to me!

Whether you admit it or not, most of us can’t seem to shy away from a selfie – and on Snapchat, the added bonus of being turned into a cuddly bear, a cute kitten, or a playful puppy, is just too good to ignore.

Yet now, in possibly the best news I’ve received this week, it seems the media company has just launched a new set of filters, meaning your beloved pet (or pets in my case), can now be a part of your fur-midable fun.


Snapchat have introduced a total of three lenses for our feline friends, meaning the app is now able to detect cat’s faces, whereas it’s previously only been able to detect human ones.

However, I must say, I have six cats and one dog, and they’ve worked in the past – pics or it didn’t happen? I’ve been trying to scroll through my 3,000 animal pictures and it’s taking some time…

The new range of filters include glasses and flower crowns for your cute little kitty, as well as unicorn horns, fiery red devil horns and wings – just in time for Halloween. YES!


No need to put them in adorable costumes most of them hate…

Bee cat costumeBee cat costumeMeowingtons

The news was announced on their social media yesterday (October 12), and read:

Lenses. For cool cats 😎 and their cool cats 😻 Try them meow.


Unsurprisingly, the news has been well received, with hoards of cat lovers responding in the best way possible – with cat selfies of course.

One cat owner expressed the p-awesomeness of it all, writing:

they have snapchat filters for your cat now!! HELL YEA!!!!!! [sic]

Just check out a snippet of photos below – be warned though – it’s cuteness overload:


Of course, in 2018, people on social media had a reason to moan about the new addition to the popular app.

No, not because of animal cruelty, but because many dog owners were quick to respond to the tweet, asking why the developers hadn’t made any new lenses for man’s best friend.

But to be fair, if they’re going to make one for cats, and then probably dogs, what about our hamsters, snakes, fish… Can’t they just make a lense which is suitable for all animals?

Next time I’m on safari, I’d love to see a big burly rhino adorning some wings, or perhaps a pair of pink bunny ears – why not?

Anyway, back to the excited cat owners across the world…

For those of you looking to try the new filters for cats, you can find them in the carousel alongside the existing lenses for humans.

You’ll be able to tell which ones are available for your cuddly companion, because it’ll have a little blue paw print icon on the lense icon.

I swear, this feature better not be temporary! I have six cats to snap, and therefore six new selfies to take – I just need to do it when they’re all in a good mood…

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