Snowmobiler Captures Moment He Almost Died On GoPro

Snowmobile crashNewsflare

A snowmobiler, caught on camera, the heart stopping moment he almost died.  

The snowmobile enthusiast, Kris Kenni Støvlbæk, set up his GoPro before setting off on his ride through the snow-covered mountains in Sisimiut, Greenland.

The man was attempting to become the first person to ride up a steep mountain in the area, but narrowly avoided a possible fatal accident when he got into trouble near the summit.

Watch the shocking footage here:

The driver nearly makes it to the top of the mountain, but as he approaches a particularly steep slope at great height, gravity takes hold and both himself and his snowmobile come tumbling back down.

Terrifyingly, Kris falls down the mountain for nearly a full minute, his snowmobile following him down through the snow. It looks as though it’s about to crush the falling man at any second.

Kris spun as he slid down the mountain, but luckily, finally came to a stop. He can be heard breathing heavily after his fall, while his machine rolls past him down the mountain.

Snowmobile crashNewsflare

However, Kris begins to slide again – it’s not entirely possible to see whether he lost his balance or whether he was pushing himself to try and catch up with the hurtling snowmobile, but it seems to be the latter – he tries to grab hold of the machine when he was close enough.

He gets in front of the snowmobile and manages to stand up as it comes rolling down the slope, but he was unable to stop it, and it carries on past him.

Another person ran to try and stop Kris’ snow mobile, and eventually manages to get hold of it.

The person can be heard calling to Kris ‘are you okay?’, and incredibly, Kris walks away from the incident unharmed.

It seems like the man hasn’t been deterred from snowmobiling after his accident though – he’s since shared pictures of the huge vehicles on his Instagram.

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I think if I were Kris, I’d run every time I saw a snowmobile – so hats off to the man. It looked like a truly terrifying experience, and I don’t think I’ll be trying snowmobiling any time soon!

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