Someone Just Sold A New Fiver For An Absolute Fortune

by : UNILAD on : 04 Oct 2016 10:25
Mark Carney Makes First Transaction With New Polymer FiverMark Carney Makes First Transaction With New Polymer FiverGetty

I really need to start taking a closer look when I get a new fiver because this one went for a ridiculous amount.


One of the new plastic £5 notes, bearing Churchill’s face, sold for an incredible £4,150 at a Bank of England charity auction today.

The note had the lowest serial number that was available to the public, making it one of the first ever printed.

Mark Carney Unveils New Polymer Five Pound NoteMark Carney Unveils New Polymer Five Pound NoteGetty

The serial number  AA01000017 was what got the owner so many thousands of pounds, but it turns out just having one that begins AA01 could get you a couple of hundred quid –  so there’s hope for us yet!


The tender, which was released in mid-September, reached £2,590 more than the auctioneer’s estimate of £1,200, the Sun reports.

There are 999,999 new fivers with the AA01 prefix so… if Charlie found that golden ticket (just saying).


The first one ever printed (AA01 000001) was gifted to her majesty herself.

As a sort of memorial, the note with the serial number AA01 001945 was given to The Churchill War Rooms, as it bears the year the Second World War officially ended.

The charity auction was held in aid of The Myotubular Trust, The Lily Foundation and Bliss, and another £5 note with serial number AA01 000019, sold for £2,000.

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    New £5 note sells for a whopping £4,150 at Bank of England auction