Son Gives Mum Life-Changing Birthday Gift After Friends Don’t Show Up To Her Party

by : Cameron Frew on : 06 Aug 2021 12:12
Son Gives Mum Life-Changing Birthday Gift After Friends Don't Show Up To Her Partycoxy.official/TikTok

Heartbroken after her friends didn’t turn up to her 60th birthday party, a mum’s life was completely changed by her son’s incredible gift. 

TikTok user Coxy (@coxy.official) recently captured the hearts of more than 10 million viewers after uploading a devastating video of his mum left alone at her own birthday party. ‘C’mon bro do something to cheer your mum up,’ one person suggested. ‘I’m taking a deep breath trying not to cry,’ another wrote.


‘Who wants me to do a part two and do something special for her,’ Coxy wrote, sparking more than 1,500 replies wishing her a happy birthday and asking him to give her a nice day. Nobody expected what he ended up doing.

In the first video, his mum is clearly upset about her friends not showing up. Coxy said she was ‘ok’ but knew she ‘deserved better’.


‘Omg I am crying. Please tell her I would have come to the party,’ one wrote. ‘I feel so bad for her, I would have come to the party,’ another commented. ‘My heart always breaks when somebody has to spend their birthday alone! I know how it feels,’ a third wrote.

In a follow-up TikTok, he hands her an envelope with cards, asking her to read them out one by one. ‘As nobody showed up to my mum’s birthday party, I wanted to do something extra special for her,’ he wrote.


‘For your birthday, I wanted to do something different. So I have paid… her mortgage,’ the cards revealed. Obviously, his mum gives him a hug straight away. ‘This means so much to her,’ he wrote in the caption.

Thousands of people have commented praising Coxy for his gift. ‘At the end, really doesn’t matter her friends not showing up at her party, you are the best gift of all for her. Bless you,’ one user wrote. ‘Omg that’s the best birthday gift she could get I’m sure, you are amazing for doing this for her,’ another wrote.


‘Your mum is so precious. I wish her a very happy birthday. She doesn’t need those ‘friends’ she has you, which is the best gift of all,’ a third commented. ‘That is the sweetest thing anybody could possibly do for somebody. The amount of stress you took off of her is written all over her face you’re a god send,’ a fourth wrote.

Coxy’s mum has also seen all the birthday wishes. ‘She’s overwhelmed by all your lovely messages, thank you so much,’ he wrote.

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