Spooky Footage Shows Statue Of Virgin Mary Crying Blood



Creepy footage of a statue of the Virgin Mary weeping what appears to be blood has emerged online, leading some people to declare it a ‘miracle’.

The statue is located deep in the Manuripi-Heath Amazonian Wildlife National Reserve in Bolivia and church goers claim it started crying the sticky brownish/red substance a week ago.

Medics have now gathered samples of the mystery substance and are trying to work out what it could be.

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Jose Luis Mamani the local priest has also claimed that the statue is bleeding from its hands as well as its eyes and a photo taken by a local parishioner shows red stains on the statue’s left cheek and on her fingers.

Only three months ago, pilgrims trekked to a town in Colombia to see another statue of the Virgin Mary which had allegedly cried a tear of blood.

The Vatican has still not endorsed the weeping statue in Bolivia as a miracle, as only a very small number of similar events have ever been recognised by the Church’s highest authorities as valid miracles.