Spooky Photo Of ‘Ghost’ In Wildfire Dubbed ‘Fireman’s Guardian’ Goes Viral


A woman who took a picture of raging inferno burning her land got more than she expected when she managed to snap what she claims is a fiery ghost.

Jeanette Empey was watching wildfire rampaging through her land in Idaho when she stopped to take a picture, accidentally snapping what appears to be a cloaked figure standing in the smoke.

She’s now convinced that the imposing figure was a guardian angel who was there to protect firefighters who were trying to quench the blaze, The Sun reports.


Posting on Facebook, she wrote:

Check out this photo. If you look closely you can see the ‘fireman’s guardian. A ghostly figure floating above the tree. I love it.

The wildfire that firefighters were battling had torn through Ms Empey’s 50,000-acre land in Henry’s Creek.

But despite the damage being done to her land it was the spooky figure hovering near the firemen that left her rattled.

fire ghostFacebook

Jeanette added:

In the first photograph there is a real live fireman standing near a tree. You can see his yellow coat. In the second photo I zoomed in on the first photo and you can see the guardian ghost in the cloud.

As far as pictures of ghosts go it’s not the worst but let’s be honest it’s just a tree isn’t it.