Startling Video Shows ‘Poltergeist’ Pushing Warehouse Trolley


Eerie CCTV footage of a loading trolley gliding along by itself has got warehouse workers worried about things that go bump in the night, even convincing some they’re being haunted by a poltergeist. 

The video captures the moment that a loading trolley suddenly begins to move of it’s own volition, only stopping when a warehouse worker – who seems massively freaked out – enters the room.

The startled worker soon finds his courage though and heads on over to the trolley, positioning it back into its original spot, The Mirror reports.

Loading-trolley-is-possessed (1)YouTube

One of his colleagues however is a little less brave in the face of the supernatural nervously picking up paperwork before quickly exiting the room.

We’ve no idea where the potentially haunted warehouse could be, it was uploaded to YouTube by Spanish paranormal channel Huelo el MiedoTM but they don’t specify where it was filmed.


One easily scared commenter wrote in Spanish, ‘ua no podre dormir’ which roughly translates to ‘I won’t be able to sleep’.

Not everyone was convinced though, and one eagle eyed viewer pointed out a gap in the floor which he believes allowed vibrations to move the trolley on its own.

I have to admit I’m not convinced, it seems clear to me that this Poltergeist could be easily explained as a worker forgetting to put the break on the trolley.