Steve-O Destroys His Ear After Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong


Warning: Graphic Content

steve-o in washing machine@steveo/Instagram

‘Hi, I’m Tim Horner and you’re reading UNILAD!’ doesn’t have as big a spark of excitement as when Johnny Knoxville used to introduce Jackass, but what you don’t realise is I’m sat with my pants down and a cheese grater between my legs.

Nope, the Jackass life is not for me, but apparently Steve-O is still up to his old shenanigans. He revealed via Instagram on Friday (October 19), his quest to get a cauliflower ear, which resulted in him getting quite a mangled piece of cartilage. The old dog’s still got it in him.

In case you’re unaware of who Steve-O or what Jackass is, then you’ve got quite a fun few hours ahead of you as you watch a bunch of mates do ridiculous and regularly painful pranks to each other and themselves.

In Jackass: The Movie, Steve-O shot to fame for firing fireworks out of his rear end. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

That was 2002, and 16 years later Steve-O is now taking part in The Bucket List Tour, which from his latest Insta post suggests he’s been filming a few more skits, and they haven’t really gone to plan. Or have, depending on how you see it.

Commenting on the photos, Steve-O wrote:

Last night in my quest to get #CauliflowerEar, something weird happened and I ended up needing stitches.

I put a bunch of glue on it instead, so we could keep filming, then we had another total freak accident and I had to keep piling on more glue to close it again.

At this point it’s hard to tell what’s going on with it under all that glue, but what’s certain is that @chuckliddell and I got a whole bunch of hilarious new footage last night.

I think I’ve built up enough suspense, I know you only came here for the gore. You’ve got no excuse if you do a little sick in your mouth, you sadists.

Have a gander at this:

steve-o ear stuntsteveo/Instagram

Details of what he was doing to get in this state are scant, but with Steve-O working his way through The Bucket List Tour – which he describes as an ‘absurd multimedia show — it’s really the next level of stupid’, it’s thought he was probably doing something his fans would love.

Steve-O will next be stopping off in Lexington, Kentucky, for shows on November 2 and 3, before heading to Tampa, Florida, Raleigh, North Carolina, and then Syracuse, Buffalo and Albany, New York.

We hope he makes it to the end of the tour, because he didn’t mention in the post whether doctors had checked it out, or whether he’ll be able to have the ear reconstructed.

steve-o ear stuntsteveo/Instagram

Of course, Steve-O is made of stronger stuff than most mere mortals. Only last year he doused his body in rocket fuel and set fire to himself.

He wrote on Instagram at the time:

The pain only increased for the five days since I got burned, so I went to the hospital asking for a numbing burn cream.

When they saw my burns they said I needed surgery, so that just happened.

And being more chipper than Screwfix’s biggest garden shredder, he added:

This whole experience is great for two reasons – my new comedy special is truly the next level of crazy and awesome, and I finally have an answer for the one question I’ve been asked BY FAR the most: “which stunt hurt the most?”

The answer – “Fire Angels in my living room at my house”. I can’t wait for you to see how insane and hilarious the five different pyro stunts in my living were!

Don’t get any ideas girls and guys, do not try this at home.

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