Stock Traders Attempt Mass Suicide On Subway After Being Scammed


A video has emerged of commuters in China attempting to commit mass suicide on board the Beijing subway. 

In the short clip, five women and three men can be seen drinking from a bottle – thought to contain a toxic liquid – before passing out on the floor, reports the Mirror.

It has been reported those who tried to commit suicide were stock traders who had been caught out by a huge financial scam and lost a lot of money.


It has also been claimed they were subsequently in a gargantuan amount of debt and had no way of paying it back.

Other victims of the fraud have told of how they ‘lost everything’.

The footage, which was filmed on boxing day, shows the men and women grimacing in pain and dropping to the floor as distressed passengers flee to the other side of the underground train.


The clip comes to an end as police enter the carriage and drag the unconscious bodies out through the train doors.

Miraculously none of those who took part in the suicide attempt actually died. Four woke up shortly afterwards, while another four remain in hospital – seriously ill from the poisoning.