Stoned Guy Live Tweets While Stuck In The Women’s Toilets

Devon Brownlow/Twitter

2017 may have only just started, but this is already a contender for funniest story of the year.

Meet Devon Brownlow. He was admittedly pretty stoned when he entered his local Walmart to pick up a few groceries, as you do.

So the 21-year-old from San Antonio, Texas, headed to the restroom to freshen up. But in his high AF state while texting his mate, he mistakenly walked into the women’s bathroom, BuzzFeed reports.

He walked into a stall, having still not realised he was in the wrong bathroom- but it soon dawned on him that he had massively fucked up when he heard a woman’s voice.

Devon Brownlow/Twitter

Not wanting to look like a ‘creep’ and seem like he was there intentionally, Devon bided his time as more and more foot traffic followed.

He quietly waited in the stall for about 10 minutes, someone apparently even knocked on the door to check if anyone was in there, but he remained completely silent.

Devon closely monitored the shoe situation from his stall so he could tell when the coast was clear to finally run out of the bathroom, but it just didn’t stop.

Finding the situation even more hilarious as it dragged on, Brownlow decided to take a quick pic from his stall and share it on Twitter.

He then started panicking that the women heard his camera go off and they thought they were joined by some weird toilet voyeur.

“I got scared because I was thinking someone was going to call security saying a guy was in the women’s restroom taking pics or something,” he told BuzzFeed.

Soon, the Twittersphere was rather concerned about whether Devon would ever escape or would just remained confined to that toilet cubicle for eternity.

Devon Brownlow/Twitter

But finally, after a 25 minute stint Devon saw his opportunity for the great escape. There was only one woman in the bathroom, so he dashed out of there ‘without making any eye contact.’

He may have left without his groceries, but he learnt an extremely valuable lesson. “I learned not to hotbox before going into Walmart,” he said.

Undoubtedly words of wisdom we can all live by.