Streamer Saves Man From Mugging During Live Stream

by : Saman Javed on : 10 Apr 2021 13:17
Streamer Saves Asian Man From Mugging During Live StreamHerbertGoon/Reddit

Footage has emerged showing the moment a streamer saved a man from being mugged in London during a live stream.

A video posted to Reddit today, April 10, shows a streamer, who goes by the name Sherwin, walking through the streets of central London before spotting an altercation nearby.


Running over, he soon realises a man on a bike is being attacked. The man, who is lying on the floor at this point, pleads for help and repeatedly asks the streamer to ‘call the police’.

His assailant comes back to attack him twice more but is shouted at by the streamer who stands in between the attacker and the man on the floor. Eventually, the attacker scurries off into the distance.


Soon after, a group of people approaches the scene and attempts to assist the victim and the streamer, who calls emergency services.

It is unclear when the attack, which occurred near London’s Leicester Square, took place. The victim appears to be in good condition, aside from some bleeding to his face.

The footage, which was posted to Reddit, has been viewed more than 15,000 times. It has already received more than 900 comments, with most users commending the streamer’s quick reaction.

‘Big props to the streamer though, realises what’s happening at a glance. Acts upon it immediately, and knows it in his mind he has to be loud and attract attention as much as possible so people come. I don’t think there’s even something he could’ve done better to help that guy there,’ one user wrote.


Another said: ‘Mad respect to this streamer. The world needs more people like him. Very heartwarming to see.’

Others expressed their shock at the attacker coming back twice more after the streamer intervened.

‘I can’t believe the thief tried to come back TWICE. Even after he saw he was on camera and the police was being dialled,’ one user said.


Another wrote: ‘I’m glad the streamer stepped in to help. Those three guys also came at the right time because that f*ck*ng asshole was running back towards the victim to do who knows what.’

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