Student Complains Swimsuit Left ‘Privates Hanging Out’ But She Was Wearing It Upside Down

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 01 Jul 2019 20:07
Student Complains Swimsuit Left 'Privates Hanging Out' But She Was Wearing It Upside DownStudent Complains Swimsuit Left 'Privates Hanging Out' But She Was Wearing It Upside DownLyndsey Brown/Instagram

A student left her mates in stitches after she complained about her swimsuit stretching out of shape, only to discover she had it on upside down.


Lyndsey Brown was enjoying a girl’s holiday to Ibiza when she went to Ocean Beach Club wearing a blue and pink one-shoulder swimming costume – which she later ended up accidentally putting on the wrong way round.

The fashion student from Glasgow found herself having to readjust the costume all night after her private parts were ‘hanging out constantly’, so she decided to message the brand to express her embarrassment over the wardrobe malfunction.

However, the brand quickly responded to Lyndsey to inform her she was in fact wearing the costume upside down, and instead had the shoulder strap over the nether regions. On inspecting the swimming costume, I think we can all agree it’s a pretty easy mistake to make, especially after a few jugs of strawberry daiquiri.


After realising the mistake Lyndsey had made, her friend Emma Milroy decided to share the hilarious exchange on Twitter. The tweet, which includes a picture of Lyndsey wearing the costume upside down, has since received more than 130,000 likes, proving everyone loves a good fashion mishap.

Speaking to UNILAD, Lyndsey said:

When I received the reply I went and looked at my swimming costume to see if it did match up with the picture they sent I then waited till my friends woke up and showed them and we were all laughing and tried to figure out when it happened or how it happened and no one had answers.

However, Lyndsey had been kicked out of the iconic Ibiza venue Ocean for being too drunk, so decided to ask staff if they had any idea how the mishap had occurred.

She continued:

So, we looked back at when pictures were taken and when I got kicked out and done a timeline of what could of happened and asked the girl who was working at Ocean that day if she remember anything too.

I obviously have went to toilet and took it off and just put it back on wrong and we were all just drunk to notice and assumed the swimsuit was faulty and had shrunk.


Lyndsey added:

I did go to ocean wearing it correctly but somehow didn’t leave with it on that way.

It’s a good job we got to the bottom of that one.

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