Student Exposes Horrific Sexism She Experiences In Class In ‘Terrifying’ Video

by : Hannah Smith on : 15 Jul 2021 17:39
Student Exposes Horrific Sexism She Experiences In Class In 'Terrifying' Video@tank_on_e/TikTok

A student has prompted a discussion about sexism in schools and colleges after secretly recording a ‘terrifying’ misogynistic conversation between a group of boys in her class.

In a TikTok post, the unnamed student shared a video taken during a tech class, in which she says she was the only female student present at the time.


The clip appears to show a conversation between a group of male students in the class, who are discussing what counts as consent when it comes to sex.

Student records sexist conversation between male classmates (@tank_on_e/TikTok)@tank_on_e/TikTok

Unfortunately, rather than having an enlightened discussion about respecting women, the boys instead appear to make a series of disgusting jokes about raping women while they are unconscious.

‘You can just find one that doesn’t talk when you ask them for consent; it means yes every time,’ says one of the students, before another chimes in to suggest, ‘Or a blind one.’


‘Are you saying silence is consent? If they’re knocked out it’s consent?’ a third student asks, before the first guy responds, ‘Saying nothing means you give consent’

After that, the group descend into loud laughter, before one of the students shouts, ‘Every single one of us in this room is going to hell,’ and another one adds, ‘We’re already there,’ all the while seeming completely oblivious to the fact that there’s a girl in the room recording their every word.

Joking or not, the views expressed by the male students are truly abhorrent, and sadly many of the comments on the video, which has since been deleted from TikTok but was reposted to Reddit, would seem to suggest these kind of conversations aren’t that uncommon.


Several Redditors have posted to say they heard similarly misogynistic talk as a routine part of high school, especially when in classes where there were few or no female students presents.

‘I was the only female in an Engineering course at college, and it was exactly the same. The teachers joined in as well sometimes,’ one person wrote, while another commented, ‘I took computer classes in [high school.] I was constantly harassed and had awful things said to me… these experiences are so common and yet the brigade of “not all men” of course feels the need to show up in the comment section.’

‘If they’re comfortable talking like this in public, imagine what they’re like in private,’ a third person wrote.

The account that posted the TikTok has since been removed from the platform, but not before the video revealed the horrifying attitude towards women that remains sadly pervasive throughout society.


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